Plans for Servers that are going to be establshed in SEA , any info?

So , I am from India and from the Reviews that i saw , I came to the point that there are not enough servers.
Now , I am planning to buy the game , I greatly love the concept.
But , the only thing holding me back , is the lack of servers.
Coz , MP is the REASON for me buying the game.

So , I read in a gearbox forum , that there is a SV in Dallas, US . So , I ran a pingtest there through speedtest by ookla.
I got a 300-ish ping , which is utterly unplayable.

So are there any servers that are closer ,than that ,to India?
Are there any plans for SEA servers?
And if there are , please provide the IP if possible , wanna run some Tracert.

I’m pretty sure there’s one in Japan, while not SEA might give better ping.

I seem to recall Singapore being mentioned during the open beta?
Edit: it would be nice if there was a list somewhere!

If playing on steam, under steam go to settings and then go to downloads.
There you can change your playing region.
I’m from sg and to get a game it takes me more than 10min of waiting.

I’m now playing us servers mostly. My ping to there usually isn’t good but just stay away from marquis. Because of ping lag you won’t hit anything. Every other character works.

But once a while you get a red ping (press tab to see the quality of ping in-game) and all your damage sometimes never gets recorded and you lose out. Youll also suddenly and randomly die to one shot. That’s because the enemy actually did a lot of damage but it’s not registered to you yet till later and I suddenly get a whole bunch of damage. Quite annoying but doesn’t happy too often.

Just try the game out. You can switch servers on steam to find the best location.