Plasma Burst Aoe Range?

Hey guys, I’ve noticed that Reyna’s tier 3 trait Plasma Burst seems to have very little effect unless the enemies are practically on top of each other and even then it does a 50% damage falloff. Not to complain but does this strike anyone else as strange as tier 3 offers major damage boosts in the form of a flat damage increase to the laser pistol and an up to 50% damage boost with high heat.

Is it just me or does this ability seem like a throwaway?

What is your experience with the range of this skill?

I used to pick it to help with her pitiful wave clearing ability, but I hardly noticed any real effect. Unless they increase the AOE radius it’s kind of doo-doo. The mutation can be very powerful if you open engagements with your plasma cannon until overheat and then start popping off pistol rounds. The only issue is that you have to play that way the whole game to receive any benefit from the choice. And if you do choose the mutation it kinda dictates that you have to take Improvised Tactics at level 5 because the other choice prevents heat building up on your PC while Failsafe is active. It comes down to personal preference, but I feel like the flat 18% boost might be the easiest choice because it doesn’t require any further thought or make you play a certain way.

Great points - I’d argue slazers in general is very good (I agree the 15% cool down auto pick is a bummer as it only shaved off a second per ability) but given the sheer amount of plasma I throw around per battle I take the burst because even a little boost is better than nothing.

I’m gonna have to play a pistol build to see.

That said - I’d love an increase to the burst range even at the cost of damage reduction. I’d love even more to have aoe damage from plasma burst work like other aoe in the game and not be nullified by physical blocking (Galilea and Boldur with a shield up stop the aoe damage too?)

I can confirm that reyna’s plasma blast aoe will deal damage to battleborn with a shield up. I just died to one as isic, I don’t know if the reyna had the aoe helix or not.