Plasma Cannon and Bola's

Will the overcharged shots from the plasma cannon proc the special ability of Bola’s Target Finder?

Yes. His charge cannon benefits from both attack and skill damage.

Thanks! Bola’s must be devastating on him, then. I imagine that Voxis Core is also good, too.

Voxis actually doesn’t work on his charge cannon. The legendary effect doesn’t give him AoE sadly. It’s good for his ultimate but not much else.

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What @lolattheseforums said, i tested it before.

Same thing goes for thorn/melka/miko poison.

Ok, so Bolas=goodness and Voxis=badness! I think that I will try the Pacifier and Bola’s, then!

Is not bad, is rly good with its ult, iirc bullets aoe is 8 and canon 30.

Mix that with beatrix life steal and att speed 8D you shoot 3 canon blast at time.

You should also try Symbiotic and Bola’s. Your dps will reach disgusting numbers with those two.

Hmmm, I don’t really like his ultimate. I get killed every single time I use it. Basically, the green triangle is a suicide button for me! :disappointed:

I do have Symbiotic Gauntlet, but a sucky one. I have a hard time using legendaries that are not maximum value. I was really hoping that they were going to do something about that in the update, but unfortunately they did not. It would be about a 16% increase in damage most of the time, though, so maybe I should just get over it…

That’s still pretty good. Up until the update I was stuck using basically the same thing you have and it still worked well.

Timing is a big part of it. It’s a massive damage increase and is more than capable of turning everything and everyone in front of it into paste, the problem is your movement gets turned down to 0 and I believe you hit box increases with the taller guns.

I played a game with you last night when you were using Isic, I was playing Galilea and a friend of mine was SaA. When you’ve got two front liners like that the best time to use his ult is when they engage. As soon as Galilea jumps into the group and desecrate/pulls it’s time to trigger cheat mode and lay down fire. Trust me, no one will be paying the smallest bit attention to you at that time. Gives you complete freedom.

Ok, then I’ll give it a go!

I remember that one quite well! You got 24 kills, as I recall. I was having a pretty tough time trying to attack their sentry, because Thorn, Mike, and Caldarius kept ganging up on me, and even with Reyna’s over shields, I still went down quickly. I think that I tried the ultimate only once, in that alley before their sentry, and Mike airstriked the crap out of me and Thorn turned my poor Isic into a pincushion. I think the biggest problem that I have with the ultimate is how it turns everything red and obscures my vision. That could be a result of playing split screen, but I don’t see the baddies shooting me until it is too late. Anyway, I think that you are totally correct, I should not use the ultimate until I am sure that there is proper support from the team, especially close support.

Since the Melka nerf Isic has been my new best friend. If you have a good team supporting you, once you hit level five, even if you don’t get kills, you will scare your enemy out of the lane for almost a full minute. I tried the Bolas on him, actually was not too impressed. I use a blue skill dmg + skill dmg after taking shield damage, and a purple shield delay with + skill damage. The results did not “feel” any different with a Bolas in place of my blue item. Key word is “feel” though. I don’t have the patience to test things.