Plasma coil exchange

Im trying to farm a decent coil for my amara but only had a 300/ phaseslam drop. I don’t play melee with her and was wondering if someone was looking for this anoint on her to trade for another? Just trying to speed this process up since I don’t have a lot of time to farm.

Ehy dude I have a few plasma coils, mostly ase element and ase 200 splash if you want them, I’ll be playing after weekend thi

Sounds good, 200 will work if that’s fine. Really appreciate it too! Do you want mine in exchange?

Mhh no I don’t really have nothing in my Amara that points towards phaseslam so I’ll just give you the ase splash

Man that’s generous! Did you get your moze com yet? I’ve been trying off and on but that’s a tough farm.

I have a consecutive hits and I believe a asa200 plasma coil if your in need.

Consecutive would be great. Need the phaseslam?

I could use it. Thank you.

I will try to send tonight or tomorrow morning.

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You got it, thanks.

Oooh bud, may I get the ch1 too? :slight_smile:

Yea for sure. I will send it your way in the morning.