Plasma Coil, pathetic money grab

Just came here to point out the new Moxsy video about the Plasma Coil.
It is a new SMG with 40k damage… Yeah, you read it right, it is a SMG, not a Rocket Launcher.
If anyone had any doubt this season 2 would be anything but a way to milk bl3 for more money, well…
Just let your opinion bellow about new guns that won’t even make sense just so they are better than season 1 guns


The best part is in 2-3 weeks after everyone buys it and gets the gun they will Nerf it into the ground.


Yup, just like how the flipper, light show, complex root and Beacon (all S tier in their respective categories) are hidden behind DLC 3.

And to add onto the ridiculousness of the plasma coil: 40k DMG, 90% accuracy, 60% handling, less than two second reload times 15/s fire rate and roughly 45 mag size.

… meanwhile 95% of base game SMGs are a laughing stock


To be fair, even if you have these guns, where exactly are you gonna use it? SAME CONTENT.

It doesn’t really give any disadvantage to anyone. If you didnt buy it, at least you didn’t have to spend $ and waste time on DLC.

If you bought it, you get something even though you wasted time and money. So I think it’s fair on both sides.

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they’ll probably release some new “free” content so those guns are necessary, just like they did with Guardian takedown

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I’m pretty sure GBX will release some new meta guns and the cycle will repeat. So Plasma Coil will eventually either be nerfed or get shadowed by another gun.


This is why memory and save editing exists

shh, that’s the forbidden option, some adm will remove this comment.
But this plasma coil is basically a modded Destructo Spinner


I played Bl from beginning. Even bought same games for different platforms and now I’m just … sad.
And it’s not for money it’s for way they doing this.
I’m almost speechless.


not suprised after dlc 3s only real lifesaver was that all gear was beyond broken they had to do something
they also nerfed seeing dead so it gives the same bonus to killskills as the new classmod for the 4thskilltree

i heared they stealth nerfed moze aswell
i heared plenty of weard ■■■■

not even rly ouching how most of todays patch is not working, or applying even with the patch out right now


When I saw youtubers talking about GB “fixing” Zane, I thought the same thing: “they are not fixing him, they are making the new stuff more needed”


and they did this patch

I think this one is okay because Moze was too OP.

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I don’t get this. Who cares, they’re isn’t a competitive mode for this game, so let us be op.


There are those who care.


People who care about balance. And yes, having some semblance of balance even in a game like Borderlands is important. There should be absolutely no reason why a character like Moze can literally AFK all the hardest content in the game.

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Moze AFK = god mode

But why?

Then don’t do that. Don’t play that way.


But why not?


Because if I want to point and click to win I’d be playing a visual novel. The game offers already little to no challenge, there is no need to ■■■■ up the meta further by providing more auto win stuff.