Plasma Pulse Modifiers?

What modifies Reyna’s secondary attack? I know Attack Speed increase the rate of fire…but what modifies its damage? Attack or Skill damage buffs? Or both?

I THINK just attack damage, but i’m only about 70% on that. @dantesolar, you’re a Reyna main right?

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Attack power, attack speed and reload (the heat reduce faster)


I dont have a main but i love her so much :stuck_out_tongue: most ppl like to play attackers and reyna can support almost any team thx to the new free shard generator. Thx gbx


THanks, Sant!

Btw, isn’t heat reducing faster a bit bad if you want to choose middle at Level 3?

And doesn’t the Heat already reduce VERY quickly. How quickly DOES it go down? It takes like 2-3 seconds before it’s back at 0.

Reyna was my main for a looooooonnnngggg time. Trust me when I say the damage increase from heat is doo-doo butter. Just take the flat 18% increase for the laser pistol. They increased the area of effect for the plasma pulse burst, but it still sucks.

As to the original question, it used to be that none of the attack speed things affected her pulse, but I believe they changed that when they tweaked some of her skills (like the aforementioned plasma pulse AoE burst) a while back.

I love Reyna. I feel like she’s undervalued a lot. It’s a struggle to get to level 4, but once you can heal her game, as well as her teams game, changes for the better. Plus homing plasma pulses melt characters like Benedict and Orendi. She also makes that cranky old man Kleese have a bad time.

Dont bother with the secondary. The only good thing is, that it does quite good damage on the sentry shield

The Secondary, especially when homing, is actually pretty damn effective. So much so that I’m asking what can boost its damage to make it more potent. Usually I use it to soften up targets for my team mates to chew through easily.

I’m trying to focus on a hybrid DPS build though.

@dantesolar I really wish that Reload gear slowed the rate in which her plasma pulsed overheated as opposed to speeding up its cooling. Would make things much easier before hitting level 5 and going Right.


So you are choosing the homing instead of the 4,5 second slow? Especially after her 32 % damage boost I can solo kill targets with it. I mean you soften targets with your damage amp I guess. Did you have many kills with your plasma honestly, because I think the aim is way worse than the plasma gun?

Oh my God, no; this^ is just false. The number of enemy players i’ve finished with it, and how quickly you can take down a shield and open up your plasma pistol for crits. Her lore-legendary even allows her to heal more effectively with it, especially if you are communicating with your team, and can tell them to stand still for heals; it’s made even better if you take the helix that temporarily removes the heat from her secondary.

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The number of times I killed hopping alani, thorns and orendis by slowing them down and blasted them into oblivion is also high. The fact is, that you can get maximum 4 or 5 shots of it before it overheats and this making it bad for my playstyle. I am playing full force secondary support. And slowing and initiating enemy eg, attikus will immediately stop their attack.

Your playstyle sounds EXACTLY like MY playstyle, but i still manage to incorporate Reyna’s secondary to great effect. You realize that it can be used to proc the slow from priority target too, right? That’s how i prefer to proc it myself, so that they are easier to get crits on with the entire clip of the plasma pistol, instead of wasting shots procing with it. So i more or less open with plasma pulse for the slow proc, empty my plasma pistol clip into them once or twice, then finish with plasma pulse, if necessary.

It depends, if you take in consideration of how slow and “bugged” her pistol reload is and how fast you can cycle the shots.

You lose like 10% of ur max dmg but u keep the fire 21% faster.

Reload is a stat for your main source and secondary source of dmg. If you go for the slows and increases the time of priority targer, i have killed boldur just by the constant slow and panic it gives.

If you go with homing and dont pick lvl 5 right then you want to keep the heat under control.

I think attack power buff her legendary heal but i have not tested, but the 18% plasma pulse extra dmg is making me heal more. (This used to not be buffed by skill or att power)

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Yes but the accurarcy of the pistol is way higher and faster, so I get easier a slow off. I go with reload + so I get my shots out even faster.

Plasma pulse is 100% accurate, as it flies straight and has no drop; it just has travel time, like Toby’s projectiles. Perhaps that is why i preform so well with it, but REGARDLESS of why, the FACT is that is it not useless for all but attacking a Sentry’s shields; it’s just not part of YOUR preferred playstle. Telling people that it’s not useful is just straight-up misinformation that i am arguing against.


Plasma pulse destroy shields faster than bullets.
Plasma pulse+gun means more bullets and less time reloading.
Plasma pulse heal shields, ppl under rate this skill, from 8 seconds of shield recharge to 1-3 seriously.

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I am saying that is not more useful than the pistol. So he shouldnt bother with it. It may have some uses, as i pointed out, but you wont tell me you get more kills with the plasma pulse than with the pistol. Even quick melee has its uses for some BB, but most of the BB shouldnt bother with it. I didnt say it was useless, so that is misinformation.

I do when i go with homing. That melka that is getting close to her fleeing hp, bang priority and homing to secure the kill.

Its all based on personal play style and gear, before bolas got nerfed i cheesed the plasma pulse for 190 -210 dmg without crits.

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Also just because a person uses the Plasma Pulse doesn’t mean they JUST use the Plasma Pulse. I’m not saying I don’t use my Primary Fire EVER or LESS because I’m too busy using Plasma Pulse and then idly wait for it to cooldown and stuff, no. I’m just saying that IF I go with Homing (which I like to do depending on team comp), I find the Pulse satisfactory when it comes to securing kills on fleeing enemies OR soften up (shredding shields) enemies that have entered the battle.

Also, if your team is already CC Heavy, you not choosing the slow won’t really hurt. Then there is the fact you have to take into account the enemy team; if they have a lot of tanky people, a slow would be more beneficial. Now, if they have a bunch of nimble squishies, Homing Plasma pulses have proven to be very nice finishers.

The beauty of Battleborn is that you don’t have to play the same character the same way every single time. Gear, Team Comp, and Enemy Comp, all dictate how you build up a character’s Helix and how you play that character.

Anyways, I appreciate the discussion and advice from everyone.


This^. Not using a part of your kit for damage because something else does MORE damage is just… I have no words…