Plasma Pulse Modifiers?

So you are using Kid Ultras primary, just because it is in the kit? And for not using everything in your kit, you are a bad player, if I can follow your sentence correct. So I have to use quick melee, even if my primary does more damage…

I have never played Kid Ultra, and so i cannot comment on that. As a rule though, yes, i tend to find a use for every aspect of a character’s kit; even Orendi’s secondary, which i use for killing shepherds, thralls and elite bots quicker.

You are not following me correctly then, no. I’m saying that every aspect of a character’s kit has a use beyond DPS, not that choosing not to utilize part of a kit makes one a bad player.

Quick melee is a universal trait with all characters as far as i know, and so i don’t view it as part of an individual character’s kit.

On a side note, some melee character’s quick melee is useful, while other’s isn’t. It also varies heavily on ranged characters. Toby’s does roughly 120 damage every second non-crit, and can be quite devastating after stunning or body-blocking a squishy character; i probably have over 300 kills with it alone. ISIC’s does roughly 80 damage over 2 seconds, and is not really worth using.

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What I am trying to say is, that even if there are options, some of them might be not so useful than others. So I tend to use the option, which give me the edge in winning. You could be abstract and say, that not every helix option is useful or should be used at all( I am looking at you prepatch gatling grease helix from montana). Of course you could find some use, but I think it is my right to say, that I find some kit options/helix options not useful as others or at all useful. I am not stating it as objective fact, but clearly as my opinion.

So I find it not so correct, that you try to invalidate my opinion. I have nothing against you buddy and I try not to sound mean, because english is not my native language. Just in my experience and opinion the pulse isnt used very much at all and that the slow is better than the homing. So sorry if I sounded too bossy.

Reload speed is really crap on her
as a quick example
Emptying her clip and reloading 5 times takes 20s (give or take a small variance)
with +20% reload speed

Her Plasma is like .1s faster too



This^ is what i argued was false, and have been arguing against by providing examples of it’s other uses; NOT taking the homing over the slow (which i also prefer). Yes, i am aware that this is merely your opinion, and that you are entitled to it; but to state that plasma pulse is only useful for one thing, on a forum that people often check for character advice, was not something that i felt i could let stand uncontested. Had you said “in my own experience, Reyna’s secondary isn’t as useful for dealing damage as her primary, and recommend sticking with that; you’re experience may vary though.”, i would have had nothing to say. However, the above qoute implies that there is no scenario where Reyna’s secondary is more useful than her primary, other than damaging a sentry’s shield. That is misleading to new players, and so i refuted it. That’s all. You weren’t being bossy, and i have nothing against you either; i was just refuting an absolute statement that could hurt a new player’s take on Reyna’s secondary.


Yeah but as I am not the developer or the leader of the statistics, who could objectively prove his opinions I normally thought, that my comment is being looked as subjective statement.

I am honest and think, that I shouldnt be this cautious for my wording. Things like"youre experience may vary though" I could add after every comment to emphasize, that my opinion is subjective and not based on facts. The newcomers that come here are so smart, I guess, that they will believe one opinion no matter what.

But to come back to context.Like Benedicts Rocketeye you have to look out, what to boost. Do you want the projectiles to be more damaging or the shots to shoot faster and therefore maybe get more shots onto the target. Or you could get the rare gauntlet, which boots both attack damage and speed.

I can. For example, if you know how to lead it, plasma pulse out-damages the plasma pistol at long range, on account of it’s lack of spead. So statistically speaking, plasma pulse is better for damaging far away characters like your typical Marquis.

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And toby big shield and force shield!!


And the fact Plasma Pulse doesn’t deal 50% reduced damage past close range like Reyna’s pistol does.

I don’t think plasma pulse deals increased damage to his force field.


No but it doesnt has damage fall off, it lets you destroy his force shield when ur team is being dumb.