Platform change and loss of history

Gear has always been my fave, borderlands, best games ever made bar none. I recently changed platforms and decided against even investigating illegitimate file transfer. I would like to buy all my BL games again and install. however I understand nothing (BA rank etc.) can be transferred through shift or any other means, is this so. So much replay,…out of the question. I come here,… because what I hear here is at some point indicative of gears actual policy (or lack of,…cool). Some time’s the process scary (just kidding). but I always come away better educated.

The issue is that transfer of save data has to comply with the console manufacturers terms of use. This would pose less of an issue if all the Borderlands data were held server-side, but that’s not the case - it’s all local, and tied to the user account on the platform in question.

For you to be able to legitimately transfer your saves, ranks, etc. from, say, PS3 to XB1, Sony and Microsoft would have to give their blessing. And so far, Sony is the biggest holdout on cross-console platform play (for obvious reasons - PS4 has a clear market lead over XB1.)

Short version: you can’t transfer your progression from PS3 to XB1, or 360 to PS4, but that’s on MS and Sony.

As I thought ,…heart breaking. Very surprised Sony is the holdout as I’d always found MS the fly in the ointment. (one way handsome cloud etc.)
“if all the Borderlands data were held server-side” such lovely music u write.
Well thank you, as usual I come away from here feeling like i got something straight.
Best of luck, We’re all champing at the bit for the next BL installment