Platinum Can Now Be Earned in Game... And Daily Quests... A Thank You Thread

Breaking Character…

I am happy. The Winter Update just finished downloading… and I just realized… Platinum can now be earned through in game quests. That means I can now grind to save up for the platinum skins I really want. Thank you Gearbox.


Also… I’m quite enjoying the Daily Quests. I loved the “contracts” in Team Fortress 2 before it became unplayable, and these are quite similar. Fun new things I can do every day to keep the game from getting boring. Neat little side quests. Once again, thank you Gearbox.

Also… did my first run through of Oscar Mike and the Battle School.
And… I’m loving the humor so far. For a third time… thank you Gearbox.
Here’s a sample, just in the scenery of something that made me laugh really hard…


Yes… the casual upside down walking Mike. Loving it.

Overall… I’m generally pleased with the update.
Being able to earn platinum eliminates a major criticism of the game (microtransactions).
The daily quests offer a new way to keep you engaged without doing the same old grind.
And new missions are always welcome.

Also Pangenesis Glyph was finally unlocked and my Miko is ROCKIN’ IT!!! WOOO!!! I’ve had that in my inventory for MONTHS!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!


Loving the update.


Am I the only one surprised about the… nice comment?

I love that we can earn platinum coins now too. I can finally get that cool sea witch skin for Alani. Or the Bad Hep taunt for Orendi… I don’t know what I’d choose :sob:

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Thank you Gearbox.

Benedict has shown himself to be very different from Benedict

I was very pleased aswel that one of my problems with Bb was fixed with this patch. Sadly it is giving me PvP stuff but it’s stil a alternative to getting Platinum.

I left the real one on the disection table.

Typo cruelly confirms that you’re bea


Stypid Jennerit keuboard

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