Platinum pack questions... :(

was thinking about buying this, was wondering exactly how much is xp boosted by and for how long? I’m obsessed with getting cr 100 now :frowning:

also, I’m assuming the lower packs get decreased xp boosts? would also like to know how to activate xp booster and pause the time when I’m not playing. thank you.

You can easily check out the details in-game. Select the Command menu, and go to the Marketplace tab. You can toggle through the screens to see what XP boosts you can purchase. IIRC they come in 1, 2, and 4 day duration.

Or, you could save your money and just wait until the launch of the 30th BB character - bound to be a weekend double XP event for that.

It’s in the command menu, but I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ll get to it eventually, and there’s relatively little rewards

The only thing you get for being cr 100 is a legendary loot pack, a title and of course bragging rights.

You’ll find that after you’re level 100 and your favorite characters are max level that it really takes the steam out of playing those characters. I like playing my favorite characters but that first menu after victory shows me I haven’t accomplished anything and I get a little discouraged.

iirc means the packs right? sorry, I am a noob, 4 day sounds good, I’m assuming when I’m not playing the timer is not running? also is double, triple, quad xp? ty :slight_smile:

The timer keeps running whether or not you’re playing.

What @GreyWarden007 said. If I was going to spend real cash for game stuff, I would probably drop it on those upper tier skins before I’d take the XP boost. Getting to Command Rank 100 really isn’t hard if you just play the game and level up multiple characters. It’s really character rank that’s more important, since it unlocks the helix mutations as you go and some (not all!) of them are indispensable.

just bought a pack and bought a 5 day booster. if it goes well with regards to how fast I’m levelling, then ill continue on my to 100, otherwise ill scrap it :(. I know dude that character rank is more important, but 100, its playing with my mind, lol, ocd! only play Oscar mike, cr 32, cr 15, when I pick a new toon itll be montana :slight_smile:

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It would be cool if we had faction ranks too. We could get loot and skins specifically for that faction.

ty, do you know if I bought 2 5 days at once at double xp, would it be quadruple? I’m assuming you can only activate it once until it expires?

I really doubt it, but if you play this weekend you’ll get double xp automatically. Saturday is Battleborn Day and there’ll be lots of goodies. Check the Battleplan for more info.

sweet :slight_smile: