Platinum sale bug?

So I may need to buy a large sum of platinum later because reasons. I noticed that there is a sale banner across the the platinum packs, however the prices are still the same as they were before.

I.e. the 50$ pack had 9300 before the update and it’s still a 50$ pack for the same amount.

Is the price supposed to be reduced to 30$ since the discount is 40%?

@Jythri @JoeKGBX

Any clarification would be appreciated. Is The discount banner a representation of how much you save compared to buying the basic amount (the math still doesn’t add up) or is there a bug with the sale?

Ps. I’m doing this at work cuz this is all the time I have so the numbers may have changed.

Pps. I’m not sure how I feel about these new skins being only available in supply drop… loot packs. But I wall have the Deande skin.


I saw that yesterday and felt so confused and sad and stuffs…

Looks like a bug…wish it wasn’t. 40% off of $50 would tempt me to buy more even though I said I WOULD NEVER EVER…


On to your point

Maybe this is 40% off their new price

I thought that too…but then I almost cried at the thought. lol

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Do other F2P games charge around $20 for a skin?

Yes they do

Depends on the game.

In Path of Exile you can spend several hundret dollars on single item-skins, armors and effects. Some “Supporter Packs” had prices of even several thousand dollars.

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And some games do charge more then $20 for purely cosmetic items
although those games do have a much larger player base willing to shell out that kinda money

going f2p while doubling the cost of everything? ya ok, let’s see how well that goes over

rolls eyes