Platinum Store disabled

Seems there’s to be an issue that we’re having here regarding the Platinum Store in Battleborn. Awhile back I noticed that only the 700 and 23,000 platinum amounts allowed you to buy them anymore and now users and I have found that all buy options no longer work. I’m not sure if this is happening on PS4 and XB1, but it’s an issue reported by PC players so far. Especially since some users were trying to buy some during Christmas and couldn’t. So if possible we’d need to have a dev look into this and fix it when possible.

It’s a thing on PS4 as well. Have had a couple of friends as well as myself attempting to buy platinum. The transactions were carried through, but no platinum was added for any of us. Suppose you wouldn’t happen to be aware of any issues which correlates to this @MereAtGBX?

Mere moved over to another role in Gearbox. I’m not sure how actively she’s checking the forums so I’ll ping @GeekVersusNerd

I’d also encourage you, @Claw_MacKain, and anyone else affected to fill out a support ticket on the issue since, as far as I’m aware, there’s been no announcement that this feature was being closed.


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Correct. There has been no announcement that this feature was being closed as far as I’m aware. @Claw_MacKain please submit a support ticket and our CS team should hopefully be able to assist.

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