Platinum trophy glitches

Does anybody have a solution for the heal plz and slag licked glitches still preventing people from getting the platinum since gearbox gave up on us i was wondering if someone actually found a way of fixing this bugs

Youll probably get better answers in the Borderlands section so im going to move your thread out of Homeworld.

What platform are you on?

Im on the ps4

May I suggest the following?

Slag Licked and Heal Plz can be achieved easily in UVHM by mobbing heavily.

Complete all other challenges and then mob for as long as you can mob (without logging off).

You can also make it worth your while by doing so in Sawtooth and gain some legendaries in the process. After about an hour of play, glitch or not, they should both be completed, and you’ll get your trophies.

Im going to give it a try i have a character level op8 so should i play in this difficulty?

Here’s the fix that worked for me :smile:: it took some trial and error to figure out the best way of dealing with this problem but the linked post is the result.

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What a frustrating trophy and here i was thinking that the benevolent leader trophy from fallout 4 was annoying