Platinum Trophy Help Please....Mine's Possibly Bugged!?!

Hi all,

I’m trying to get the Platinum but I think it may be bugged for me.

These are my galaxy stats with all complete…

According to trophy list I still need these…

I’ve ran round all 3 planets lots of times and made sure no areas left undiscovered
so I’m really at a loss now and fear it just may be glitched for me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


Several people had reported in the past having issues getting these trophies/Achievement to pop. Some people had issues with the Cistern of Slaughter registering as a named location. Iv also heard of issues with Floodmoor and The Flooting Tomb registering named locations.

Try traveling to all the different Trial areas and Circles of Slaughter. If that dose not work you may be out of luck.

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Location tracker is bugged right now. Every area is discovered as new every time you load up the game. Right now, you can unlock the trophies only by discovering the locations in one session.

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There are some named locations that don’t pop unless you’re literally standing right on them. I can think of two on Eden-6, one you need to do Prisa’s side mission for and the other is a waterfall with a sign that you need to get VERY close to for it to pop.

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If that was a case the stats would show 220/223 or something like that. Dogstar has all 223 so he visited all of them and in this case it’s due to bug as described in my previous post.

BTW. I’m surprised you didn’t unlocked them back in September, dogstar.
Do you have the trophy for all named locations?

Also moved to the correct section.

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We had people who had stats showing 223 of 223 back at launch and the trophies was not popping until they re visited old locations. It had something to do with joining a host session with different progression and the game loading a different set of progression on to your save. It is how mu Zane skipped The Rampager but still had the location discovered dispite never going there or even doing the Beneth Meridian quest in his playthrough.
As far as I know they never addressed progression sync errors.


Thanks dude, I did miss that one but @Kitty_Hellfire helped with that.

Hey G, I’m sure I did but unlike some I’m not a total trophy whore …until now
that is! :smiley:

Well, you can’t be trophy whore if you still play the game for a long time after platinum trophy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fair point, love it is! :grinning:

Edit…thanks for replies to all, I fear it’s just bugged for me as I’ve
tried pretty much everything now. Suppose I could start from
scratch after a delete and re-install but…feck that! :poop: