Play of the game feature? [Suggestion]

Look, I made up my mind that Battleborn is better than Overwatch. But I really like that feature, is there anyway or universe it could ever be added?


Well you don’t really win a moba with kills. It would be wrong to reward it


I understand that, but still I feel like it would be a cool feature. I feel like it still has a good appeal.

OW’s PoTG feature takes into account, healing, team damage midigation, time spent on objectives, ect. It’s not just kills.

But it has no place, it would be counterproductive.

Focusing on kills is how you fail your team in this game.

Yeah and 90 percent of the time you get a “play of game of someone doing nothing”

I still have nightmares of plays of the game involving a dead Torbjorn, while his turret, somewhere, elsewhere, was raking up kills.
PotG were highly dysfunctional, at least from October/November to February. It was mostly “random guy poping their ult”, or Torbjorn or Symettra post balance with their turrets.

The very first day Mei was released, I just ran to the second capture point in the Anubis temple map, popped my ult, pentakill. But then again, those three new characters back then had… Issues. :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah anyway, I wouldn’t like a PotG feature. First, it would emulate that other game too much. Not to say it’s a bad idea in itself, but no need to mimic :slight_smile: Second, it’s dysfunctional. It’s hard to code properly and will often results as pointed out in emphasis given to kills, which is counterproductive in Battleborn for now.

This one, right? It’s hilarious. But yeah, the system is constantly evolving. It has so many complex variables to take in.


Ahah, kind of that one. I had a worse one : he was ALREADY dead, in a small, dark room, and the whole time of the PotG was spent looking down from the ceiling at his body. I wasn’t capturing, sadly. I don’t even remember if it was allowed back then - probably only for “famous” streamers.

But yeah, I think I also saw, quite later, a PotG of a Mercy rezzing all of her teammates at once near the final objective. I guess it had already improved a bit.


It’s a cool thing in theory but doesn’t work as stated, I got a team kill in the beta and the play of the game ended up being a double kill. The salt was real on my end.

that or final kill cam for the boss(s).

Same with most of Overwatch m8, it doesn’t even have a TDM mode. It still works with the game. I just think that it’s something they could ad to give the game a bit more.