Play online without nerfs

Yea so this worked for me on Xbox One. Wasn’t intentional mind you merely noticed this afterwards.

  1. Xbox one settings, network, go offline
  2. Start game
  3. Check your Flakker or Firestorm stats
  4. Go back to Xb1 settings, go online
  5. Open network in game
  6. Goto Proving Grounds
  7. My weapons retained original stats

Basically nerfage only seems to occur if you load the game while online. :smiling_imp:

You can also just spam through the title screen and get in game before they have a chance to apply the hotfixes. I constantly load into the game and immediately get asked if I want to go back to the character select screen to apply the updates. Pretty sad to see every item I have equipped in it’s full glory for a moment before selecting yes on the prompt because I want the event active lol.

Message popped once to update. Clicked no. Played without nerfed weapon.

Cant play the event though because its applied via hotfix