Play Psycho is tired

Psycho is an interesting character based on the enemy.

And the name of this character got attention and started to play this character.

It’s really hard to play with mania skills.

There’s a mania skill that increases melee damage and self-inflicted with a 12% chance, which really makes the game more difficult.

It makes me angry to see psycho hit his own head.

If a character hits his head three times, and that makes him unable to bounce back, I don’t want to play this game anymore.

There is no benefit for psycho to bite his head.

I know the producers are working hard to make Borderlands3.

But I want producers to patch Psycho’s self-inflicted…

This makes you realize how big a probability is.

As my favorite game, I want to play this game with my favorite character in my way…


Don’t take it, you don’t need it unless you’re in the OP lvls

There is tho, the reason for the skill is built into his backstory

And get rid of part of what makes krieg krieg? Yeah no thanks


have you tried a Hellborn/Bloodlust build? It stays away from the middle skill tree for the most part.


Yeah not to be rude, but if you don’t like a skill then don’t use it.

There are a few skills on different characters I don’t like so I just avoid them.

It is easy to avoid the self dmg on the psycho. One is to just throw your axe instead and it is still very effective plus it has the stun factor built in, and two don’t spam your attacks too quickly as that is what causes me to hit my repeatedly.

I love playing the mania tree and I take that skill every time and love the massive melee boost you get and I have no issues with the small downside.

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StV is a fantastic skill, you get huge melee damage but it has a tradeoff so it’s not for free. It ties into his lore, and he has unique voice cues when that 12% rolls around. It’s a risk/reward mechanic that perfectly sums up the character’s playstyle and backstory.

Krieg is the most complex character in the series so far, once you understand him you can do ridiculous things but he is difficult to play and that’s very deliberate in his design.

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I never played Mania Krieg that much, but I enjoy doing it quite a bit. StV idk, sometimes it’s frustrating but ehy, it makes you feel how Krieg really feels deep inside when he actually hits himself in the head with a metal blade I guess! 12% can be triggered every time you push the trigger, so not every " swing " animation you see, that is why you can see happen chains of 4/5 self inflicted hits. On the good side you have so much melee bonus damage. So much.

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Echoing CommonDefense : Hellborn is my Krieg of choice. No action skill, no melee, ergo no StV. It’s just flames and more flames.


FTFY :slight_smile:


If you don’t like STV but wanted to still go melee krieg, try a roid krieg with bladed grog and rapier. (if you have the patience you can even kill raid bosses with it).


I’m not a fan of STV because of how poorly it scales in the OP levels and how it mandates the use of the roughrider shield for him…I think the trade-off could be justified at lower levels, but it’s basically mandatory for melee builds at the OP levels. Yes, you can work around it a bit with a roid shield and rapier, but I think you’re damage output is still lower and you’re much more fragile having to depend on a roid shield.


You are not wrong. I guess I’m just so accustomed to it by now that I go about my merry way killing myself lmao. I couldn’t imagine not taking it now tbh


yeah, I mean I’m used to it too… I had to play on 72 for awhile with him, then I was able to survive OP8. It’s just that I’ll be playing really well and then get a 3 chain and you are just down…very frustrating as a player because I can’t improve that…I understand the idea of trade-offs, but I think with OP scaling it’s not a trade-off and thus just a frustrating add on to something I should be able to do normally…


That’s what the Shocket Launcher and Bloody Revival are for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Roid AND StV. Do eet.


I’m surprised you don’t proc Bloodsplosion on yourself with all that overkill damage.

Just imagine it; kills self, bloodsplodes Vora. You’d be cursing every time you didn’t hit yourself.