Play Some BL 2 Tonight (4/17/15) 6PM EST?

Howdy all, I haven’t had the pleasure of playing Coop on BL 2 yet and was wondering if anyone wanted to start to a run? I like the Maya or Gaige as my player - I am a older gamer (36) Male on EST kinda Ima’Mature for my age and wanted to do some Coop runs and have fun!

Steam is wabit_z

I have a working mic and hope you do too - The more the merrier :smile:

Thank ya’all

I’m down… on Pacific time, and it’s about 5pm as I type this so I may be a little late.

edit - I don’t see that name listed in Steam?

Sorry, I did start and had to bail - Had a family emergency - The name is Recycle Binz if not wabit_z

I will be on tomorrow same time if that’s OK?

Thank you for replying

Added. Any particular level?

Note to self: 6pm EST is 3pm PST.