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Yo, wasn’t seeing any posts updating the info we received, so I made a video with a Phoebe Worthy of Song going into it – but I go a little off topic. So, if you’d just like the spark notes here are sections of the script I wrote out:

Going into this community event, the latest from the Battleplan #19 is that Lootpaclypse is next weekend that would be Friday (9/23) through Sunday (9/25)
They’ve had the play with the devs event, I’ll drop the shift code in the description - but move quick this code is down by 11 am EST on Monday. And we’re about to see the matchmaking
changed again, for now meltdown and capture merged into a queue.

Now, from the Play with the Devs event, I was able to mostly pull info from StealthShampoo’s stream where Randy Varnell and Yossarin_Lives were answering questions.
They opened with matchmaking discussion, and alluded that visible CR rank is going away to go to try and not intimidate new players. The gang moved onto a capture match that got filled
with lag, and Varnell said they were trying to lower server costs - interepret that how you may.

Post capture match Varnell talked about how Gearbox has been moving towards being their own publishing house - presence at more conventions.

I asked besides the three maps coming with Face-Off, will there be new maps?

Shampoo asked the question.

“Well we have two new pvp modes coming this year,” Varnell confirmed further that we would get three maps with all the new PvP modes, and the next one post face-off will be 3v3.

Randy mentioned that on reddit someone made a post about
Monuments, and that was helpful to giving the team feedback.

They said they had some prototype maps rigged up, but that those weren’t planned to make an appearance in game. Aka NO
NEW MAPS for the old modes
, at least unlikely.

Then a user asked if there would be more than 30 characters.

Varnell said he would loved to do this, but as they get further from launch it depends on how well they do. Randy said they
want to do more content after the initial bunch, but it’s all a matter of money. A new character takes 2-3 months to make, with a team of 10-15 people, so a new character runs into the
thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Characters after 30 would depend on how Battleborn goes
, we have a small but stable community now, which was good to get there. We’ll
see how the Operations go, skins and taunts, and a few initiatives we have coming up. If people invest in the game, they’ll make more characters - Randy said they had hundreds of concepts

Varnell mentioned wanting Nova in a mech suit, that she would get screen time in the operations. Further that he’d love to make deep-dive a question, and alluded that deep-dive
could be a premium Kelvin skin
. The team and Shampoo said they’d love to do more characters, but they’ll see how things go.

Shampoo said: Kelvin Deep Dive confirmed.

They stomped through an Incursion match.

I asked if Duke Nukem would ever be a playable character.

They said no. That maybe Whiskey could get a Duke Nukem skin, but nothing to
confirm at the time.

I asked later about BB skins.

Randy Varnell confirmed we’ll be getting Borderlands skins and taunts - which are part of the initiative to bring and retain more players to the game.

I asked about the ending of stomps, and a ranked mode.

Varnell mentioned enforcing solo queue playlist, and global chat. They could make a queue just for premades, but that with the population sizes it would be tough. Efforts are being made to increase the population, then a ranked style - which in their lingo is a great match, not a competitive thing - takes a backseat
to matchmaking speed. Their only goal currently is to increase the speed of matchmaking.

Shampoo made a good point that the Discord, Reddit, and Forums are a great place to find a team.

Make a team. Don’t run from five man teams, and don’t quit after the first sentry drops. They proved this point later in the stream with what was an excellent comeback match.

Strangecity asked how tall Kid Ultra was.

He is shorter than Ernest, between Ernest and Orendi - so a tiny character. Orendi will stay the shortest character, but he
is going to be a fat character. Thank God, Randy mentioned that an Orendi, Thorn, and Marquis team changes the entire dynamic of a match just because of their size. Varnell furthered
that Kid Ultra is fatter because they didn’t want to step into the skinny characters balance issues again. Kid Ultra is going to have heals, and apply buffs, smart play seems to allow him to
be able to buff his damage.

Strange city asked what happened to the chicken dance taunt.

Shampoo and Devs said: what chicken dance taunt.

It was mentioned that Gearbox has just added a media/streaming manager and that they would be doing much more Battleborn streams. That the Battle strategy videos they were doing
have come to an end, but that Gearbox is leaning towards publishing so needs platforms to push products.

Starscream asked if BB would be playing at 60fps on PSPro and Skorpio.

Varnell mentioned that it was hitting over 60fps on the playstation, said not to quote him. Apparently no patches
necessary, or little needed, the processing power alone would handle it.

I asked if they would consider changing the sentry from #420NoScope and instead to a CC.

Shampoo mentioned that the notification for the sentry was less than perfect.

They are changing the code on Sentries to make the target finding better, but they are changing the way minions work - buffing them
to speed up match times so that pushes can be made with bots,
instead of minion waves just getting slaughtered. Interesting. Varnell mentioned that a sentry is supposed to
represent more a classic MOBA style tower that a tank character is supposed to bear the sentry, and minions distract. Their goal is to have less Incursion matches be decided by score, and
have end with Sentry kills, moving Meltdown towards making comebacks possible.

Primary goal of changes to Sentry only include speeding matches up.

Yossarin mentioned that: “if you feel the hairs on your arm standup and smell o-zone, time to get out of there.”

Shampoo mentioned backdooring.

Varnell said they hear a lot of complaints, but they viewed it as a legitimate strategy.

I mentioned that tourney community were vocal about lack of notification when a team was back-dooring, Gearbox mentioned it was something they were working on.

Shampoo told an anecdote about back-dooring with Kleese
and that teams seemed totally confused on how to stop him from doing this. Aka more of a tutorial/experience problem.

There was discussion on characters who excel at back-dooring
like Oscar Mike and their utility being especially strong, You guys will have to leave me your thoughts on that?

Varnell stated that they want matches to be close, and hinted
towards disliking nerfs - feeling there were counters…basically: git gud, and if you were good they didn’t want to change that.

Shampoo told a story that in early-access Toby was able
to shoot the sentry and other players from the base, and that Bahroo was just sniping him from the base.

I asked about a prestige system.

They mentioned that in the immediate future, - I assume this has to do with non-visible CR rank - they would be allowing you to continue to gain CR rank. But as of right now no plans for a prestige system, unless able to make post season pass content.

I asked about time to kill and respawn timers being quickened up some.

They mentioned that they won’t change ttk, it’s in a good place, and is what makes Battleborn unique. Randy noted respawn timers being variable as private matches are getting worked on, and a playlist that would be playing with double damage, and instant respawns things like that.

I asked about the new gear from Operations.

Randy Varnell mentioned these were designed to be farmable, and that once you achieved being able to get 100 operation points, you’d have a guaranteed skin and taunt, and that you are guaranteed a loot pack. Great farming resource.

Varnell furthered that the bosses would drop their specific loot, and that these loot pieces were designed specifically to help with the Operations

So, Operations sound great: taunts, skins, new gear, replayability a priority, new legendaries, and legendaries are designed around making farming Operations easier.

The stream ends with Randy in post-mortem on Battleborn as discussion turned towards some bug fixes and Overwatch. Varnell talked about making the best decision for the game, and that
perhaps it was best to keep the original matchmaking changes. He says that in retrospect Varnell wishes that they could have made their matchmaking system more robust, adaptable at
launch. The rigidity of the system has slowed being able to do more changes with the matchmaking and experimenting more.

Team kept hinting that there were going to be big
initiatives towards growing player numbers, and that if they could get more players in the game the matchmaking system would be solid.

The speculation could be ripe on the big initiatives coming in the future to gain players, f2p? You decide.


Awesome read and filled with lots of goodies. I’m looking forward to the new maps for the new modes and the 3v3 is going to be really fun.

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Great read, thanks for the post!


This information is awesome, kid ultra applies buffs, I bet that is going to be the big thing with him, not his heals


Thanks for this thread, I’m on holiday so I missed this event. Good work.


Removing the cr100 cap and hiding cr to others are VERY good news to me. Also a 3vs3 mode is a good idea imho. Way to go.


All of this is amazing. Especially your notes. Thank you for doing this


Great post with alot of interesting info! Thanks alot for it!!! :heart:


Very nice post. As a PVE only player, it tells me a lot about the future of this game.

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3v3 modes I love ever since playing smite (great moba by the way)

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There will be new legendaries coming alongside the story operations DLCs that will be in the regular loot pool and can be found in packs like any of the lgendary loot that isn’t a boss drop. Then there are the legendaries that drop from the bosses in the story ops that are designed to help with the story ops so players who primarily play PvP won’t be missing out on anything unless they want to play the story ops. Meaning if you don’t have the story ops you aren’t missing out.


Bahroo making the most of an exploit, or even cheat? Imagine that. :wink:


What chicken dance taunt?

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So Kid Ultra is shorter than Ernest, but he’s fatter than Orendi. I wonder if he’s as fat as Ernest.

Good job collecting all of this from the stream. I was only able to catch half of it.

There’s so much to be excited about! :smile:

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Best part of the list

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No really what is it

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Oh lol sorry. Benedict has several taunts inspired by personalized Chicken Dances from the cast of “Arrested Development.” They’re asking about another of those that Benny doesn’t have I think

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So are they replacing one of his taunts or did they mean which dance taunt

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Idk but they’re definitely referencing that

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