Playable Character Suggestions for BL3?

My two picks and why, you can choose however many you damn well please lol, but my picks are NPC’s already in the game seeing as that’s been a big thing lately.

First pick:Moxxi cause I love that slutty clown who is also a slutty mechanic xD thanks Nisha

Second pick:Marcus mainly because he fits along side Moxxi so damn well and having them in the same lobby could trigger special dialogue between the two.

Their skill trees are irrelevant mainly because you can already assume what they’d be for these two characters, or at least a good guess.
Feel free to add any skills you think your character may have though :slight_smile:

Don’t just pick NPC’s either I want to see some creativity out of you guys/gals, now get to it!!

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Since Broccoli will say Dr. Ted, I’m going to say Kiraceton. He and @KrewlraiN will know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’d like a character who was both the medic and the sniper. Seems like a combination that hasn’t been done yet.


All I know is if there is a playable siren I’d really really like insta revives back like such with phase locking. Quit ridiculous I could revive someone clear across the map with a well aimed A/S. I’ll miss that so much

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I’d actually like a bit of variation with the Sirens. Lilith is an invincible powerhouse but not a team character, Maya is a crowd-control team healer. I’d like a different kind of Siren each time. Like Kiraceton :P.

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I like the idea of Moxxi and Marcus, plus my brain is fried from being in the sun all day so it saves me having to think!

Hmmm, I’m not very good at theorycrafting or skill / ability crafting, but Moxxi’s skills would all have to have outrageously sexual innuendo-ized names, and i think her skills would rely on granting bonuses to herself and team mates (think Moxxtails), perhaps bringing in support troops to battle (minions from her underdome or vehicles / devices that she has cobbled together) and a third tree just somehow using her beauty abd bosom to distract, befuddle, control and damage enemies.

So kind of a cross between Maya / Clappy and Gaige / one of the turret guys.

Marcus…hmmm…a bit tougher…

One skill tree would just be him having access to all the best weaponry out there throughout the galaxy.

So maybe he could, like, increase stats on guns?

Like if you use a white or green gun, all its stats would get boosted to be on par with a blue or purple, and continuing on up the ladder.

As well as boosting critical hit danage, etc.

Some sort of outrageously over the top gun-related action skill, maybe he coukd gunzerk two huge, gold plated weapons that are a combination of every weapon type?

This skill tree could be called “Black Market”.

Another skill tree could be “Hard as the Hammer” ( referencing Russia’s hammer and sickle on their flag) where you would get huge Wilhelm / Sal esque tanking bonuses to be able to withstand huge amounts of damage.

Maybe the action skill could be him riding around in a huge Soviet-esque battletank?

The last skill tree could be called “Bent as the Sickle” (hard as the hammer abd bent as the sickle that crosses it, like Boris the Bullet Dodger from Snatch) and would somehow involve deception / shady / revolutionary / guerilla tactics to attack the enemies?

We all know Marcus is a shady character!

Maybe a bonus to Vladof weapons since they have the revolutionary motif in their weapon names and that sexy red sickle on theur guns?

Maybe Communist style team bonuses?

That’s all I got (for now!).


That being said, I’d also love to play as an alien, a big, badass robot, and some sort of genetic abomination!

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Obligatory mention of Mikey the Devastructor


Or as Kiraceton.

Or as Mikey the Devastructor.

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Or as Bill Steve Nye :P.


Mikey does look pretty interesting I’d give him that. As a midget he’d have some pretty funny dialogue.

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Dr. Ted. Everybody already knew is was going to say it, but i will still say it forever.


As for their skill trees I was thinking Moxxi would have some pretty awesome boost towards vechiles (just one skill point for it since its just for driving around) but they’d be at least double everything. (Health, gun/turret dmg, speed, boost capacity)

As for Marcus and his bulky side I like that part of the tree being called, No Refunds, and it’d grant different buffs towards tanking dmg. One skill would be like the sham essentially, another would add that ammo to your pool, just so the first skill isn’t op gotta separate it.

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No Refunds!

Hells yeah, that’s badass.

And yes, Moxxi vehicle boost makes sense too, but they’d actually have to make vehicles feasible in a wider variety of settings and have better designed vehicles.

Like, could you ever use a vehicle indoors?

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Thought you’d like that :wink: first thing that came to my mind when thinking of Marcus as a VH

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Added a paragraph to my above post btw @MakaLaka

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As frickin cool as it would be to play as these NPC’s I can’t see it happening outside of TPS. I feel gearbox wants to definitely add brand new VH’s into the mix. Hence the ending of TPS “war is coming blah blah, get prepared blah, more vault haunters needed blah blah” also with the addition of Axton and Gaige bringing Aurelia? Idk she got a weird name, but yeah just makes this seem more evidently to happen.

Ok, I’ll say Kiraceton one more time then I’m done. I swear :P.

She’s a character in my RP thread in the Off-Topic. She’s a Siren. 6’4", purple hair, red eyes. She has two powers: an anti-matter blast, and the ability to directly attack a being’s nervous system… Or do both at the same time and make that being’s head explode. Her Phoenix is fire and shock, with a shock punch. Prefers pistols instead of SMGs. That’s the jist of her.

Now I’m done mentioning her unless someone asks questions about her.


What type of shoes does she wear?


Boots made of acid, something only a Siren can pull off.