Playable Character Suggestions for BL3?

@DontPanic Goliath! F— Yes!

Also i really hooe they explore the Siren concept further, there are still 3 or 4 we havent seen and they could do so much with their abilites!

Techno - Siren, nature Siren, maybe a space / atmosphere Siren…

Marcus says if it takes more than one shot, you werent using a Jakobs, know why? Marcus founded Jakobs and has the original Jakobs gun. It is OP and kills every thing in one shot, and has +1,000,000% critical hit damage.


Oh boy :hushed:


You know what this means? Heist time.



That’s it, Pink Panther playable character!

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I really just want a corrosive skill tree tbh. I don’t really care what kind of character it’s on, as long as it’s corrosive and it’s well designed.

Moxxi, Marcus, Dr. Zed, and Scooter. Ooooh boy, that’s one…I don’t even have the right adjective to describe it.

DLC characters: Tiny Tina and Face McShooty


I want to play as a character with a non terrible unique melee. Like Nisha’s longer range but lower speed and damage, only not ■■■■.

Also, a skill that increases damage from DOT’s by 50% for every enemy effected by one, and another 100% if you are. Wish krieg got something like that.

He’s Marcus. He gets a discount on everything as well.

Also, lol at that Soviet esque battletank thing.

Make it for the T-14. Gearbox will have to get the permission from the Russian Ministry of Defense though, since the T-14 is really new and all.

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Also, my answer should be known for this thread.



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Face McShooty would be my all time fav character to play as no matter how they made him, they could give me a stick and name it Face McShooty and id be happy haha. A clear skill choice for him would be all shots to his face give him insanely high boost to dmg and health regen or something like that lol or even shooting himself in the face to activate his buffs that’d be cool too

Action skill could be called, Facegasim, like orgasim… Whatever I liked it lol



I think that’s the best idea yet!

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Random idea. What would Darby Crash be like as a VH?

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Very random indeed and not a BL NPC, but he’d attack with Germs and song.

How about Shadow Trap as a VH xD its hard to choose from TPS but ShadowTp may be my fav character from that game. I’d love to see him brought back in some way. They could do some really interesting things with his skills

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Maybe a character that could change form?

It’s basic form could be human, but it would have 3 skill trees that would each transform it in something different?

Robot form, beast form, ummm…alien form?

Each one would give different bonuses / abilities and the capstone skill for each tree would fully transform the character into a huge beast, robot, or alien, like when Krieg transforms into his Super Badass Mutant?


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Like that one class in Diablo 2? The one that could change from a human into a wolf or a bear?

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I guess…?

I never played Diablo 2!

(which i know is a mortal sin in videogame terms!)

Hey did you read my Crash Darby reply?


I just looked in the booklet, and it’s the Druid class that can morph into a wolf or a bear.

Maybe for someone your age, but I can probably get away with it, being only 20 and all. xD
(Because I’ve had the game for almost a year now, but have only played about 2 or 3 hours of it. Damn you Borderlands for being too addictive to let me play other games!)

And yes, I saw the Darby comment. I had nothing to reply with :P.

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I dont know HOW I never played it!

I GREW UP on classic PC rpgs!

I remember my friends all getting terribly addicted to it in high school!