Playable Character Suggestions for BL3?

That’s it! We need Ice-T as a PC! Think of the Body Count he’ll make! :P.



That was a good album!

Heavy metal guitars!

Hmmm… I could add add a skill somewhere me thinks (5th tier perhaps, I have ideas floating in my head)

I hope at least 1 out of the 6 characters is a fan made character.


I vote for Dr Ted, Mikey the Devastructor and Slither!


Update on the Slither Project, made a thread here where I’ll post the updates so as to keep this thread less cluttered.

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Sir Mailbox


Action Skill: Spits Summons or reveals out contents. Contents include all types of ammo, live grenade (any and all types) or mini enemies (LLMs (all varieties) Loot Midgets (Including mini Steve) and the mini enemies in TPS). Mini enemies have a 50-50 chance of being on your side. They spawn at expected enemy level for the amount of progress in the main story you’ve done.

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But that’s not very Sir like.


I have a package for you, sir.


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Touche. Hmm… how about summons or reveals (in case of ammo)?


Fixed above post :slight_smile:

Mr Torgue would be awesome with his Air Band action skill…

he is just playing some kind of music like metal on his air guitar and then shrapnels of metal junk and bullets are flying towards the target

or some electronic music where he pulls out his headset/phones and then points his middle finger at somebody which will be hit by lightning strikes from the sky

or he is playing the melody of death on his mouth organ and one specific enemy is doomed, taking increased damage form all sources for a limited time



First We had Brick the Berserker, then Salvador the Gunzerker. Next We should have Tiny Tina the Splodezerker!!

Her action skill should be “HI HO, BUTTSTALLION!!!”. She summons a battle armored Buttstallion as her mount and begins tossing explosives around and shooting lasers like a total baddass.

her skill tree names could be as follows : My little Pony (unless of course you cant use the name for legal reasons), Crumpets are Crunk, and Princess Torgue.

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I’d rather not personally. Keeping her as an npc (and as one you don’t need to interact w/besides side missions) would be better IMO.
Still, “Spolodezerker” does sound fun :slight_smile:

[quote=“Drunken_PwNeR, post:101, topic:364235”]
My little Pony (unless of course you cant use the name for legal reasons)
[/quote]I think that might technically be a copyright infringement, perhaps change it to “My Diamond Pony” something similar?

Random thought - could Tina somehow be related to Torque?

The daughter of the son of the cousin of the uncle of the disowned uncle/grandpa of the rooster of the half step-child of Torgue.

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That sounds about right…