Playable Character Suggestions for BL3?

Random thought - could Tina somehow be related to Torque?

The daughter of the son of the cousin of the uncle of the disowned uncle/grandpa of the rooster of the half step-child of Torgue.

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That sounds about right…

Then it’s settled… It is now canon that Tina has chicken DNA somewhere in her bloodline.

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I actually had the thought that Mr. Torgue could Adopt Tina after the events of BL2. They already have common ground in their love of EXPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSS!!!

He would however have a hard time getting her to go to school.

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WARNING: Mild spoilers for Borderlands TPS’ DLC campaign below.
My choice: Davis Pickle (If BL3 takes place 5-6 years after BL2)

Class archetype: The Bandit equivalent of an Unmanned Soldier (we have Roland for Atlas, Axton for Dahl, and Wilhelm for Hyperion, why not a Bandit one?)

Action skill: Scrap Drones (similar to Wolf & Saint)

Backstory: Since he is shown in Sanctuary with the Vault Hunters at the end of the DLC, he could be trained with Tiny Tina to be a Vault Hunter to prepare for the “War” that is apparently looming over the horizon. He could be inspired by both the BL2 & TPS Vault Hunters to want to be like one (especially Axton and Wilhelm, the latter of which could bother the others’ due to Pickle never seeing what he was like after his Elpis adventure.). After getting the scraps of Wilhelm’s drones near the destroyed train and help from Axton and Gaige; he remade them as his own with different abilities and voices.

Personality: He constantly tries to be tough and cocky like Axton but with the problem of letting his Cockney accent show it’s head every now and then, for example:
Upon finding loot: “That looks Bang-tid-I mean Cool!”
Killing a Badass: “Hope you don’t mind a little half inch pin-Damn-it!!!”
Winning a duel: “Sorry, but I AM pretty awesome you know… whispers under breath No accent, awww-yeah!”

Actor I would like to Voice him: Todd Haberkorn (Wilhelm’s VA from BL2 without the cybernetic additions of course).

I’m also thinking of Tiny Tina being playable but I got nothing on her other than her skill trees being essentially like Brick’s; One melee, One tanking, One Explosive.

Heroes usually have dead parents and often even their father figures die. So be careful what you wish for.

I want someone similar in personality as Hazama/Terumi from the BlazBlue fighting series. Playing as an op troller would be fun (get headshot on enemy and proceed to call them “stupid” in ~50 different ways, run someone over and say something like “I was just putting them out of their misery” or “their face was ugly anyway”, etc.)
No actual A.S. ideas or stuff yet though so if someone wants to “adopt” this idea that’s fine with me.

Well, she has already lost her parents, and subsequently lost a father figure (Roland). So she fits the bill


But having a living father figure is still kinds unusually for a hero. Heros can have mentors or people the hero worries about.

Killing her father figures a third time might be a bit exaggerated, didn’t thought about it.

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can we get pickle as a playable character

Torgue Torgue TOORGUE with a guitar solo and EXPLOOSSIOOONS.And choper as vehicle Please gearbox.

First post, Uh Oh

well I like the idea of Tina, she could be an explosive mastermind, sync with torgue guns, and grenade boosts like no one’s business.

I think Pickle would do well as a Gaige type character, because I’d love to play as him, his killbot? Clappy, modified with a jet for a wheel, and the pirate ship cannons on his shoulders. Give him a synergy with the Bandit/Scav weapons

I also like the sound of a real western Jakobs mastermind, a Clint Eastwood type, like The Man With no Name from the dollars trilogy. Maybe have him or her start with a unique Jakobs pistol with a snake on the grip like Eastwood’s in the films. Make it unique as it levels with them, but has to be reloaded individually like an old revolver so it takes it’s sweet time being ready, and only fires 6 shots.

Hammerlock. We have played as his sister, lets see what he’s got to offer. an array of sniping skills, and rifle talent not seen since Mordecai.

And maybe a sales rep/weapons reviewer from Hyperion/Atlas/Dahl/Pangolin who is sent to scout the market, and test the area, try out new weapons, write company reviews, and such, but is instead left for dead, and isn’t really sure what to do now. Think Castaway meets Jeremy Clarkson. Maybe Get Clarkson to voice him.

Also I don’t know how many folks played Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter on the Sega Saturn. It had a character named Norimaro. A Japanese office worker, shoved into the chaos and fast pace of battle. He was terrible. I’d love something like that. Maliwan call center operator or something

Who here thinks there may be more than 4 characters? Just saying cuz it’s the last borderlands and it may be a little “off the chain” as with the content and everything.

It would be my badass pony then. Lol

Here’s mine.