Playable? YES - Perfect? NO

Hi All,

I’m seeing a lot of people asking if they should even bother playing THC in its current form and I’d have to say the answer is emphatically, yes. The frame rate issues and tearing can spike painfully, but I’ve generally been able to resolve them by some combination of soft/hard reset of my console.

The biggest problem I’ve experienced is in my inventory menu or at a vendor there is a huge framerate drop and overall processor lag. This is a tell-tale sign that I’ll see low framerate and tearing in combat as well. I can usually resolve this issue by hard resetting my console and booting the game back up again. I’ll test if it’s been successful by going to my inventory screen and cycling through my weapons and backpack contents - if this is smooth I can usually count on reliable operation for the rest of that session.

Hope this helps people get in the game and troubleshoot their own Pandora pillaging experience.

No fixes work for me. I will agree TPS is playable with screen tearing, sucks but it is playable. BL2 how ever runs sub 15fps on my Xbox One, and is unplayable. Fix deleting save worked once and not again. Haven’t even gotten to the hub city, only got that far cause I was playing co op and my partner wasn’t haveing any issues.

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