Played a few hours on another computer, went home to play more and my character is now gone

This must be a joke right? Are they telling me there’s no cloud for saved characters?? Did I just waste my entire day playing the game with my friend @ his house and now I have to restart??? Does anybody know some fix for this, is there anything I can do?

same here ><, don’t know what to do…need help here = =

I am assuming I can go back to the original computer I played on, load the save files onto a usb and paste them into my home computers borderlands 3 file and it should work… but that means I cant go to my friends house to play with him whenever I want. Gearbox literally shilled us out by giving epic games exclusive rights, this would not be a problem on steam.

Decided thats not something I’m willing to do so I contacted epic games requesting a refund even though I played way more than the 2 hours (maximum time before u can refund) idc if they dont refund it, I can just ask my credit card company to hold the payment :slight_smile:

Well i tried to find my character too but look like it also disapeared on the original computer i played lol