Played the Free Trial, loved it. Have a problem now that I've bought the game though

I can’t play the single player ■■■■■■■. Everytime I try to start the prologue it disconnects me from the server. Is there a way to fix this?

You are not the only one.

But to me is fixed!


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File a support ticket (since something’s obviously wrong and needs fixing!). Link is just below the game title on this page:

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I see, glad to know it’s not just me with this issue. How did you fix it? Did it work itself out or did you do something yourself?

Will do, cheers for the link

There seem to be server hiccups today on several platforms, so it may just be down to what region you’re in and a bit of luck. Sometimes, restarting the game does help with initial connection issues, but no guarantee.

See this post also - GBX is aware and looking into it, but more data will help them narrow things down sooner.

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