Player 2 is getting my kill and I get an assist

It happened for a good 1-2 minutes last night. I was playing Bots Battle with my girlfriend and she had to go back to the base. As she was running to join the fight I took down a full health Miko and somehow she got the kill and I got the assist.
This isnt the usual case of a kill steal or anything, this was just some weird ass bug and I’m not sure what caused it. This happened about 3 times over the course of 2 minutes or so. I’ll post a video of it once I upload the capture so you can see. There was some wonky stuff going on last night.

She was also getting an assist for every kill that happened that match and she was absolutely no where in the area and never touched the bots that were killed.

I could be wrong, but I it’s possible that a player gets credit if a turret or minion they built does something? I also routinely get assists and kills (including “From the grave”), often when I’m nowhere near the action. Note: also in Bots Battle, on XB1, so whatever is doing this is part of the core game code and not platform-related.


Confirmed. Stuff killing (turrets/bots/ …) credits builder with kill
(or assist).

I e (in voice of Ambra): Build, children! Build!

True, I’ll have to look back at the clip because it did happen around a turret spot but I’m not sure if it was built, built by her or even within range of the turret.

I play alot of splitscreen too and mentioned this at some point, but it actually is a turret/bot which gets the kill, you can see it in the death recap, there should be the turret/bot with usual damage numbers and the builder which has no damage dealt at all, just the portrait and an empty field…

…or she is cheating!!! report her!!!

I prefer to think that the game is rewarding her for playing BB with her partner! (Not every significant other is prepared to do that.)

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