Player Bank Sorting

Is there a way to sort your bank so that you can see if you have multiples of items?

Sort by type is the closest option for that - the items should be very close (if not adjacent) unless they are at vastly different levels.

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Yeah. I just wish there was a way to sort by actual weapon. I’ve got close to 200 legendaries in my bank and it’s kind of a pain to keep them sorted.

Thanks for the reply.

Actually no, cause secondary order is by score and whole categories are very messy. They should just remove the score sorting and it will be fine.

You still need some secondary sorting to break ties… If I’m looking at 15 Pistols in my backpack or bank, after choosing “sort by Type”, I’d like to have at least some semblance of order in there (tabs would be really nice, by the way).

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Plus one on the tab idea.

Third sorting is by name iirc so just removing the score one and it will be ok like in previous games.

E: or it’s not by name, will check tomorrow, cause all my AR are sorted in weird order. But hey, it’s just another BL3 issue :slight_smile:

I remember it as being type, score, and rarity? I would like an option for level, especially while still levelling characters up and using hand-me-downs in the bank. Name would be good if it was base name and didn’t queue off full name.

wish they add a better sorting option , like “type” + “actual weapon”

right now the bank look complete mess

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When I look for duplicates I “sort by manufacturer”. That at least narrows the field somewhat.