Player Characters no longer commenting on the story?

I noticed that the characters no longer comment on what is going on. Even when they previously did (Beta)
I loved the interaction, what happened to it? Have the lines been removed, do they have a lower chance to occur? A bug?

There is a setting under gameplay or audio tab called character banter or something similar. Maybe you turned it off by accident?
Sorry for vague description - not at my pc atm.

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I have it turned on. And even when it is off, the characters should still have their Story Mission Dialog, at least by the settings description. But I haven’t heard my characters comment on anything so far, and I’ve been playing the story mode for 5 hours now!

The dialogue might be something the server provides as you play. Being first day and all I wouldn’t be surprised if they are getting overloaded and certain things may be tuned down to enhance stability. Not saying that it doesn’t suck that the banter isn’t happening, but just a thought.

is there any follow up on this?? the character comments/banter was one of the things i rly enjoyed abt the demos and beta, and ive seen more than one person comment on not getting any during missions

I’ve played admittedly little of the story so far but reflecting I can’t rightly say I remember hearing any character specific dialogue outside of their typical lines.

I’ve seen the Archive have a line about preserving Oscar Mike’s poems about spiders when I played that with him, to which he responded negatively that those are private. Probably wouldn’t happen if he’s not there.

Yeah I heard one line yesterday, Caldarius responded to Wolf in Voids Edge. I just wonder why the comments are so… rare?

That one happen even if OScar mike isn’t in the party, so that’s not part of the character’s comment from your party.

And I agree, I think they deactivated it somehow. Could be nice if they restored it.

Reyna has a line in the Saboteur. She was talking to Ghalt.

Gears of War 3 had a similar banter issue…their official response was that having all those comments in rotation was data heavy.

I had fears about this before…I had hoped “Next Gen” could circumvent this. The humor is such a large part of this games charm

IIRC Thorn also has some specific comments in the Experiment (or more accurately, Boldur has some specific comments for Thorn)

I wanted to do a thread documenting these.

The only two I’ve personally experienced were Phoebe in The Algorithm and Toby twice during The Saboteur.

But they were more voice over audio. Anyone find any more of these?

Maybe cause it’s the open beta map, but LOTS of heroes have character-specific dialogue in Void’s Edge. (notably, the reply after Wolf asks them on what they plan to do after Wolf’s duty)

Marqius still talks to ISIC in the first Mission.

I’ve not had any problems with at all. Boldur and Phoebe both do their best to comment on everything. :slight_smile:

Hadn’t really thought of it before, but now you mention it the rate does seem to be down from the beta. The only consistent one I get are character responses to Wolf’s “so what are we doing after this” line on Voids Edge. Can’t think of another example from retail

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If you take Phoebe into Renegade, she tries to hit on Caldarius. This can trigger at two different points with different dialogue as well. That being said, I’m not entirely certain if it had anything to do with me being Caldarius as well.

I’ve noticed different things being said on The Saboteur after the comment about Nova not getting off the ship much. Ghalt will always have the line about her not ever being off since he’s been there, but what follows is sometimes different. Not sure if its based on whose in the party or what, and its usually too hectic for me to really pay too close of attention. The only reason I even noticed it once was that Deande said something twice in a row (picture disappeared then reappeared so it didn’t seem like a part of the normal programming).