Player/combat feedback & experience

Just had my first playthrough with kelvin and had some difficulty with the experience:

could not tell if sublimate was doing damage/stunning foes (game indicators are turned on). Ice wall did not seem to be blocking/stunning foes most of the time. Could not tell major difference, at first, between primary/secondary attacks. Could not tell visually if Chomp landed successfully.

The biggest playability issue so far is specific to Isic Magnus - could not tell if I was landing hits on the leg canisters at all, spent a majority of the mission in melee range BUT stuck in the Magnus model (especially when exiting Sublimate form) and the last combat stage (Flying DigiSkull) I could do nothing to contribute.


His POV takes some getting used to. If you play him more then you’ll start to get it.

Tip on first part of ISIC fight, jump and hit cylinders. You CAN hit them without jumping but have to be aimed just right for it. Second part if ISIC fight…yeah not much too do, sublimate or seondary melee (has area effect) if he gets close to you.