Player count going down because of cheesing even with XP week

Just saying, I have noticed a long long wait time and it is increasing with players ending up with cheesers and leaving to play another game. Even with double xp week its still drastically slow finding a lobby


Yea I’ve been noticing that, and even worse the few games I have finally gotten into have been literally THE worst quality matches I’ve ever been in, Bumped into the same guy who had an infinite shield and could charge our base the only thing that killed him was shield penetrataion and the sentry. Ton’s of marquis cheesing and galil.

I don’t even know what to think about battleborn right now, I thought paragon was sloppy but this… this is just bad.

Everytime I read one of these posts I can’t help but take note that you are posting at a time that most people in USA timezones are at work/school.

Sad as it is to say, it appears BB was not as popular in other countries as in the US. I have no issues finding matches(on PC) during US primetime even until 12-2AM.

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No issues here also the only cheese I’ve noticed is gun characters dropping incursion shield cross map. What are u considering to be cheese?

Safety of your own territory to fall back on and taking out your enemies stuff from that comfort, even with harassment of the cheeser, they will still cheese on.
Me against a cheeser in a cheese match

Yeah my work schedule is all over but always got time for gaming, and constant messaging in the forums til i get the attention of some devs or moderators. I even got footage of me just waiting for a match that is 8 minutes long as proof if anyone thinks i am lying lol

Not so bad for me (ps4) took a while for some capture modes to start but pve seems alright

Ditto. I usually take like maybe five minutes when I matchmaker at the very worst. Most days the game fill in like a minute or less.

Polly just horrid luck on your end @PschoKrieg, which is not in any way saying your at fault. Just bad timing or shoddy players in your lobby which stinks.

Seeing some cheese marquis here and there , able to shut them down most of the time though .