Player Dialogue Re-runs?

tl;dr Is there any way to go back and listen to player-character dialogue?


Hi everyone, I just bought the Pre-Sequel a few days ago so I’m still in the ‘Immersion’ phase.

When I first play a game I take my sweet-ass time sightseeing, exploring, listening to dialogue, and getting all excited over things everyone has already moved on from.

I beat the game yesterday on the normal Vault Hunter mode as Athena for the story and I’ve booted up all the other characters to at least level 5 or 6 just to hear what some of the differences in their dialogue are. Then I took Claptrap and Nisha into multiplayer to see how they react to other players, since these two are my favorites.

Unfortunately, as we completed objectives, the dialogue skipped Claptrap’s and went with Athena’s voice. At the time I thought it was because Athena was hosting so that’s who the game chose as the speaker, but then I hosted my own game as Nisha and another Athena player rushed through triggering all the dialogue pieces with her voice.

It’s really frustrating! ^^;


Back in Borderlands 2 all the player dialogue was whoever you were playing as, it didn’t matter who was hosting.

If there is no way to go back and listen to the dialogue, is there a place where I can listen to it? If not, I guess I don’t mind playing through from the beginning again solo. I’ll do anything for this piece if ‘Immersion’ lol but I was hoping to save some time by asking here first. I couldn’t find any discussion here using the search bar, so sorry if this has already been discussed.

Do you guys think this stuff should be taken into consideration for Borderlands 3? How do you feel the unique dialogue should be handled? Who should be able to trigger the events?

Edit: Okay I went ahead and deleted the characters who's dialogue I missed so I'm just going to replay them completely solo/offline now. Probably won't touch multiplayer for a while. Mods, you can delete this thread.

I suggest playing each character one entire playthrough in solo if you want to hear all the special dialogue. Usually I do that in normal mode. Then in TVHM or higher is when I play multiplayer with that character. And don’t forget UVHM for your third+/repeatable chances to hear those.

Another option. When you play multiplayer and host, you can ask the player who joins you to either use the same character or to wait for you to trigger the mission stuff. It seems to be whomever is closest to the objectives/turnins.

^ This. It can be frustrating because some of the dialogue triggers are very close to mission items or transition points, and it’s easy to trigger the dialogue accidentally. If I’m partner in a co-op rather than host, I always try and stay behind the host for this reason.

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when i play with friends we tend to pick certain people to trigger dialogs so we can hear everyones reactions. aurelia and timmy when first meeting Moxxi. clappy when dealing with other clappys. and such. unfortunately you will have to do the story over and over to hear everything. ive done the missions 20+ times and still hear new things. some toons seem to have more than one response to certain things.

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More than one response? wow.

Also, going to youtube and watching playthroughs or youtubes or looking at wikis of all the voice lines if you want:

i could be wrong but there seem to be a few instances where they can say a couple diff things. again, i could be mistaken…

There are several dialog options for most encounters from both the PCs and the NPCs.

Within those possible dialogs options some are dependent on the PC initiating the dialog.

There are some that are really worth hearing.

For example the various exchanges with Moxxie in the bar vary widely depending on the PC.

Then the general NPC chatter out in the world can change each play through too.

Not to mention the differences in the “story telling dialog” between NVHM and TVHM/UVHM.

It takes several play throughs to catch the variations.

In addition there’s the character to character dialog!

Wilhelm will ask Athena, “where did you get that shield, girl!?” (not sure about exact wording)

Someone tells Nisha, “Nisha’s got that look in her eyes again.”

So, assuming each character might say something specific to each other character, and maybe based on different combat situations… someone else can do the math, but it sounds like at least 36 more pieces of dialog to hear.

Then there’s the standing around doing nothing dialog.

And the waiting around in the pause menu dialog. I can’t remember how this one goes. It was different than waiting around doing nothing. It may have been waiting around in the pause menu. And I’m not sure it’s the same as the standing around doing nothing bits.

i like how nisha tells mobs to shoot athena’s shield “cuz it’ll be funny”
i also think nisha is the only character that doesn’t realize Jack and Timmy are diff.

If you’re not going alone then pray to RNGesus. It’s luck at that point.