Player disconnects are obscenely common [xbox]

It is basically every single game, you either start with one or more or someone ditches the game when they don’t like something about it. This needs fixing.

Yea its really getting on my nerves now. For me its always the premades feeding then leaving or if there group is big enough they a force a surrender. They really need to add a report feature unless they think this is ok…

The design is bad, the game gives you a quit option in player select so some people quit a match right then and there to avoid not getting the character they want.

Bright side is surrender can be done super early.
Though we do need an anti-leaver quitter feature. I guess they’re looking at the numbers on how often people quit and leave first to decide how they can work with the leaver queue.

Well most mobas have that but the real problem is no one is being punished for this toxic behavior. For example in LoL, when someone leaves champ select everyone is instantly put back in queue. The person who left gets a timer that blocks them from matchmaking. The timer starts at a couple of minutes but gets higher as you leave more games.

I’ve made good use of the Xbox live report feature, and received messages from XBL saying thanks that they have taken action. All from excessive leaving. So basically, if you keep seeing the same person quit early then simply report it. It sounds like it isn’t just you. Their access to live services gets temporary minimized in things like competitive multiplayer, giving both parties a chance for better gaming. Also, I heard basic Xbox live is gonna be free after E3? Spoiler?

My issue is the “give up” in my fellow xboners. So what if were down early: If we play together we can come back-easy :wink:

All we lose is experience by quitting.

The penalties right now are awful, gearbox should feel bad for making them so light. They’re not penalties at all. You do not even lose full match rewards. That’s such malarchy, in what world is that a good idea?

Does anyone know if D/C is less frequent in higher level matches?