Player Expectation of Farming Time, VS Anticipated Farming Time by GBX

Being completely transparent, I start this thread today, with a what feels like the beginning of burnout, for the game. It’s not that I’m burnt out on actually playing, it’s that I’m burnt out on not getting upgrades.

I’m capable of clearing M4 Maliwan Takedown. But I’m just not quite able to get through True Takedown Solo, so I’ve been working to farm gear to try and make this easier.

I’ve run into the double digits of hours spent farming singular bosses for items. And it’s not just one item, it’s been multiple items. I know, I could trade. That’s not what I’m after. I’m trying to do this with gear that I farmed.

So, I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately, and I’m beginning to wonder if Gearbox had an “anticipated” amount of time farming for gear, based on anoints.

My expectation, was that I’d spend a few (for simplicity’s sake, let’s say 3) hours farming a boss to find things that I want, and at that point, I’d probably have a few different options / anoints of that item . At that point, I was already prepared to be staring at my loading screens on PS4 more than I spent playing the game, but that’s the console life, I guess.

But, here I am. I’ve given up on farming the Unstoppable. I just can’t anymore. I’m over 20 hours farming him to try and get an SNTL Movement Speed Band of Sitorak.

You know how many Band of Sitorak I’ve seen, in over 20 hours farming?

  1. Total.

You know how many I’ve seen anointed for ANYTHING?


Not zero Good Anoints, or zero Zane anoints. Zero total anointed drops.

After the 20th hour ended with such terrible drop rates, I gave up. I have a decent enough Band of Sitorak, and I have a few other shields that I can make work, I guess, but the Band of Sitorak, with good rolls, and that anoint, would have been the perfect item. To see 5 total Bands, with 1 of them “sort of” having the rolls I am looking for, and zero of them being anointed, I just stopped. I was burnt out, angry, frustrated, and frankly tired of it.

So I moved on. I wanted an SNTL Cryo damage anointed Brainstormer, because I wanted to see how well my Clone and I could handle the mobs with it. (yeah, I’m clone & drone, I know, Barrier is better, blah blah blah) So, off I went to Katagawa Ball, thinking to myself: SURELY this wont be the same type of farm.

And… strictly speaking, It wasn’t “as bad”. 11 hours later, and I finally have a 100% Cryo Damage While SNTL is Active Brainstormer. It’s not “perfect”. It’s just that it took 11 hours to get it to drop with that anoint. Should I have expected 11 hours of farming to get a legendary off of a dedicated loot table, with a specific anoint? I don’t think so? I don’t personally think that’s a good way to go. I mean, I had multiple Tsunami’s and Wisps drop during that time with the anoint.

Hell, Kat Ball even dropped me an SNTL Anointed Maggie before I got the SNTL Anointed Brainstormer. I… I didn’t even know what to make of that.

I’m frustrated. I’m burnt out on farming. I wouldn’t have stuck it out at Kat Ball as long as I did, had it not been for the fact that the vending machines were treating me better than Kat Ball. I was able to purchase 10+ Cloning / Maddening / Mitsosis / Transfusion Anointed Tracker Grenades. I was able to pick up a dozen or so “amazing” to “Wow, that’s interesting, I’ll try that” Anointed Shields. That kept me going.

But man… I’m just left wondering; Did Gearbox anticipate farming times to be like this? Is this what I should expect moving forward?

I could understand, if we were talking PERFECT ROLLS.

But I’m not talking Perfect Rolls. I’m talking about seeing the item, with the anoint. Did I go into this with too low of an expectation for how long it would take to see the item with the anoint? Is this what I should expect when I try to farm a few Lobs?

Right now, the farming is just not fun. So often, I leave the loot laying on the ground, log out, log back in, wait through the loading screen, kill the boss, and repeat. All so I can continue to try and clear content.


Well, multiply your frustration multiple times once we get more level cap raises and once we have the 10 op levels of Mayhem 2.0.

So GBX expectation for farming is probably endless. They just want to keep you playing. More playtime probably means moolah opportunities in the long run.

Edit: After I have beat the main content and side missions with the gear I farmed, I decided to rely on trading for the items I can’t get via farming. I assume some of the items I get are dupes. Not my fault and I didn’t ask the senders if they are dupes.

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That’s my point. I’m not opposed to having to farm, but the way that the first DLC / Farming Event / Red Chest Event went, You know… finishing that farming event, and then immediately getting a level cap increase, it’s just frustrating to then have to go back, and re-farm all of that gear.

At some point, drops need to be overhauled. Drops need spread out, of world drops need to be lowered, so that when you go and farm items, you have a better chance of seeing the items, and less of a chance of seeing world drops.

I’m just not sure that I’m going to want to refarm everything again after another level cap, or with the mayhem 2.0 system, if everything continues to be this frustrating to farm.


Gearbox have said for years they are not tailoring Borderlands to “high end farmers or collectors”. With BL3 they pushed Minecraft Notch “Almost never is an interesting concept” to another level.
I think they introduced high level of world drop rate to make mobbing more rewarding and that’s how the game is beat enjoyed.
I said that before and many times but… I recently found myself farming bosses more than I should.

I worked as store clerk and I believe a good game designer know better than the player base what the need. But… We’re human. :wink: We want the best stuff here and now.
I say relax. Enjoy mobbing with the already op gear you have. Maybe tone down the difficulty level to MM3. I bet there’s many fun area you barely visited outside the story.


I’ve beat the game 100% completion on Moze.
I’ve gone through TVHM M4 on Zane and Fl4k.
I’ve cleared the DLC 100% on all three characters.
I’ve cleared M4 Takedown.
The only mountain left to climb is True Takedown.

Mayhem 3 True Takedown would be worse than M4. Too many modifiers, too much garbage to deal with.

Double Digit hours to farm a single item is just not something that I think is acceptable.


And you’re absolutely right. Beside we all know the level cap will increase again. Probably at least twice.
So just enjoy your gear. Instead of headbuting that one boss try some timed runs in Tanzendeer Ruins or other areas you (we) didn’t explore.
Try the sub optimal gears that drops and make them works. I bet you can.

The view ain’t that great from up there but best of luck.


Gearbox should really change the way dedicated drops work.

Right now specific enemies have a higher chance to drop specific loot. Other loot is world drops.

It would be better if instead, there were areas dedicated to certain item drops, and then EVERYTHING (including mission items) was made a world drop.

So say you want a shield, you would go to Athenas and literally “raid” the entire area. Any enemy or chest can drop legendaries, and it’s tuned to drop shields more often. You don’t have to do the very mindless task of killing a guy and resetting, or bypassing entire chunks of the game to run to one guy. You can just kind of play the game, no need to reset until you killed everything and opened every chest. Also you could still get world drops, and Traunt would still drop more legendaries than normal enemies, it’s just more common to get shields.

Since it seems there are more than enough areas for certain things you can even make it more specific. Athenas has more Anshin shield drops than other areas. Now you’re farming an entire section, which has hundreds of instances where you can find this stuff, for basically 1 of 4 pieces of gear. I’d take that over the crappy low AF chance of dedicated drops any day.

That would help with burnout IMO. It’s boring to kill one guy over and over. Slaughters and Trials are more fun IMO, it’s just they are all world drops and the bosses are super stingy with their dedicate drops. Just let the Maggie/Lyuda drop from ANY badass enemy or higher in the slaughter.


It’s ran through my head a few times that maybe GB missed certain annointments on some equips. Like what if what you’re farming for doesn’t exist…

I tend to follow the rule of three on the rare occasions that I farm. If I don’t get something within three attempts that makes me feel like it’s worth my time, then it isn’t.

Can’t be bothered farming for perfect rolls any longer That’s what the trading forums are for. Just for the hell of it I played Killavolt to see how long it would take to have a decent anointed shield drop and after an 1 hr 45 min I wanted to jump out of my first floor window. How people farm the same boss, for hours, days on end is beyond comprehension.

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If you are farming for items there is a method to the madness,… errr Mayhem,…

Looking for Takedown specific gear? Play on M1 in true TD mode.
Faster clearing more mobs and same chance for the dedicated loot.

Looking for M4 TD gear? Play on M4 in solo mode.
Roll through faster than True and loot pool is same.

Looking for dedicated drops on rare enemies?
Run on M1/M2 fast clearing and don’t saturate your pool (not proven but I farm a lot)

Looking for world drops? M4 boss runs can throw plenty. Pick a boss/slaughter or change it up. Doesn’t matter.

Searching for things is a know where to look and how to farm it best.

Or just join a group of people that have a bunch of possibilities in their banks.

I’m not really big on farming in the sense of running the same boss over & over. What I do more regularly is the Slaughter Shaft and the Takedown , to test out new gear and builds. Any cool anointed gear I pass off to respective characters (my grasp or cast Amara, my fade away or gamma burst Fl4k, etc.) Sometimes I find myself with a really good set! Never been one to ‘main’ a character & find it more fun to dabble in them all!

If I may : The whole reason for your frustration is that you’re not really playing the correct game with this mindset …

Borderland is NOT a hack and slash, it’s a looter shooter with a crazy stupid amount of RNG, you won’t get the best roll on every item that you need, you’ll drop a tone of good item (They’re working on making every weapon balanced lately, and worth of M4).

If you wish to farm the very exact weapon you want with the very exact stat and annointement, then obviously you’ll sink an unhealthy amount of time in the game for a low reward : It is NOT what borderland is about.

As for farming the True Takedown solo, that is also very much what the game is NOT about, the dev make the extra effort to develop 4 man content, and to ramp up the difficulty for 4 man, and you wish to do it in max difficulty in solo and complain you can’t … I mean… yeah? That’s the point?

Now it don’t mean it’s IMPOSSIBLE, just that it’s not what the way the game is intended, meaning you’ll obviously hit a wall of frustration that the dev aren’t going to “solve” cause the game isn’t intended for this purpose, unlike an hack and slash were the game is designed exactly for that.

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If I might suggest something, do not list “farming time” but rather “number of kills” when describing the effort to farm something. “Farming time” is misleading since it depends on how quickly you can kill something.

For the record, I killed The Unstoppable 150 times on TVHM Mayhem 4 and got 6 Bands of Sitorak, 2 of which were anointed. It is easy to kill him quickly with an incendiary Lob so it didn’t take me 20 hours to do this.

I disagree. While number of kills is important when talking about drop percentage. The amount of time spent doing it is more important when looking at farming expectations. Especially for us console plebs. What might take a PC player a handful of hours to do can take a console player almost a whole day to complete due to load times. I know, that’s console life, but it does factor into how worth it it is for some of us.

He is approaching the game with the correct mindset for practically every other game in this genre. It’s not his mindset that needs tweaked, it is GBX’s loot system. It is nowhere near as optimized as other current loot games.

I am not sure what being a hack n’ slash has to do with anything though.

That is the problem though. Other modern games in this genre implement methods to reduce this RNG, such as re-rolling gear stats. This type of a system is sorely missing from this game.

He stated in his post that this isn’t what he is looking for. He is just trying to get a certain item with the correct anointment.

It has been said a few weeks ago that they are working on some ways to solve the issues with the anointment farming grind, because they have seen the feedback and also feel the issue themselves when playing.


Ok. For the unstoppable, I can kill him in <1 min. Plus quit, load times on PS4.

So, call in 3 mins on load / kill / quit on the high side.

20 kills an hour.
400+ kills
5 total
0 anointed

50+ devastators plenty anointed, including SNTL Cryo multiple times.
25+ boom blasters. At least 1 each for the zane anoints.

I 1 mag him with an SNTL Cryo anointed Carrier.
Quickest kill I have

They’re going to try and do something cause a very small minority of player (hardcore farmer dont represent a large part of the player base by far) is screaming bloody murder over something that was, let’s be honnest, kind of predictable.

I mean, I don’t buy dark soul to get a beat them all kind of feeling, or super mario for the story.

Complaining that borderland isn’t well designed to ultra farm special loot with special RNG make no sense.

Now it they do something to catter to the minority that want all the perfect roll, then good for you, but having people whining/screaming into the void about it everywhere on the forum kinda get old at some point, especially since they are the one with unreasonnable expectation about the game


Welcome to the internet? I mean this is the place where every goes to complain what you expect? If there is a problem people will complain about it if there isn’t people will find something else to complain about. But you gotta admit it is a very successful method tho people complained about takedown not scaling boom it scales, people complained about Zane being weak boom he is 1 of the strongest VHs now its truly amazing.