Player gameplay little more s,s,s,

The normal player movement speed need’s a little slowdown imo, from my view (after a normal rocket frag) the other player is just but a blur, A little more slow,steady,and strategy.Still set it fast paced but not looney tunes.

No offense, but movement isnt that fast. especially since there isnt a bunny hop or other mechanic to naturally speed you up. Only railgun, rocket jumping (not that fast), and a card with a 33% chance to speed you up. Also currently it would make most weapons even more op, as it would be easier to hit people. What I do think should happen is making the maps a little bit bigger, to allow more roaming and distance between people.

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Yeah, movement is pretty good where it is. Slightly larger maps will make hitscan a little more valuable in the rocket meta too. Though don’t make them so big that matches become slow. It’s a fine line there.