🌠Player Ideas: Recreate or revamp Zane's trees/mechanics/coms. Your ideas ❄

:star2:First off Thanks GearboxDevs!
Seeing that the Devs care and are listening has renewed many peoples interest in the game.

Look at that handsome mug

:ice_cube: To be creative and fun. Point of this topic is the game changes new elements get added things happen some things get redudant or feel like traps and or not useful. We’re just gonna look foward for the future. :cyclone:

  1. So for the future if zane changes massively, how would you change things

Lets not criticize one anothers work or worry about balance/other characters too much. This series has always been about fun overpowered insanity in some aspect characters. So HEY if we all like someones/ppls ideas and the devs see it and use it then… Fricken Sweet!

  1. Zane’s hitman tree also has the lowest amount of. Talent choices in the game with only 11 please add some variety and fun to it. In example, Zane also has 0 meele abilities. So lets brainstorm! would make sense he has slide and jumpin stuff.

:blue_heart:Get as complicated as you want. We love zane so we’re here to brainstorm and just offer fresh ideas and solutions for the sake of fun. A lil rp ideas go along way too. If you have balance ideas in ur build then lets hear em. Just putting ur idea out there can influence someone to think and maybe even make their own awesome ideas.


Where are 3 and 4? I DON’T KNOW.

:four_leaf_clover: Only you can stop forest fires by using cryogenic EXPLOSIONS :cold_face:

  1. Blackjack! The whole point is fun and doing fun stuff. You should pick any talent and feel woah this is freakin useful and cool! also make a Cardgame/brand Talent like moze!


:snowman_with_snow:I plan to keep this post alive Longterm and make sure ideas arent lost, Big %of us were feeling negative but im sure in time we’ll be ourselves. So all players core ideas will be linked so they wont get lost. :snowman:

Aetrion1’s longbow clone teleport and Clone self destruct Nuke like Axton’s turret.`

Narkfeks revamp Includes new skills in hitman. New hitman and undercover skills! Melee ideas

puppyofdoom’s undercover tree redone.

New! Rayzapper_the_Red’s Remix. New Undercover Hitman ideasm Mechanics changes in Doubled agent and New Ideas for current Coms!

For me the biggest thing would be to make Doppelbanger as awesome as Axton’s Nuke turret. It’s so disappointing that it’s so much worse.

What I would like to see would be the ability to modify the Digiclone to a longbow version where instead of swapping places with it it just teleports itself to where you’re aiming, and activates all effects that would go off on switching places on both ends.


All of this is Bloody BRILLIANT!

I am adding ur ideas to my own post im making later today. Thankyou so much. Fully giving u credit.

Omfgherd that is such a sweet idea. Hell u could swap away and kaboom!

Thats mind blowing! That’s such a fun idea man! See stuff like this is why i made this topic. Thats really really really good!

Yeah i play zane cuz ima axton roland type. Axtons kaboom was such fun for me. I was a rough riding super bullet speed meat sponge bullet and grenade storm.

But oh man do i miss the vfx fro. Bl2 especially that nuke!

Glad you’re liking the idea!

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You have no idea… Id endlessly spam the nuke turret just to watch ppl fly. I doubled up. Too so yeah.

Reliving that glory. While the new stuff is cool n all. Its missing that shock n awe from any character. Though amaras fist do look impactful

I mean… Explosions?!

I pretty much like what @flightx3aa has going on in his revamp thread, sounds interesting and flexible. Plenty of scope for using a wide variety of gear in any activity.

Ima fan and sub of his.

Yeah itsa nice thread from the zane maestro himself. Though i dont feel its an overhaul reading through it. More like showing his reasons. Behind needed talent changes/underperforming talents etc. His ideas are good for some individual talents. They dont fall too far from the normal, some do.

But all in all its just his ideas. I wanna see what other players can come up with.

Its fixing whats already there doesnt address not heavy hitman investment/alternatives/gear build/restrictions. Thatd be new ideas. Im looking towards new ideas and hopefully diversity and fun.

Theres alot of wonderful players ideas. I don’t want their ideas to be in the shade of a celeb giant’s wishlist. or fan fever or feel they gotta fall in line.

With players realizing devs are actually paying attention im hoping to give them a spotlight.

“As his post is his talent fixes.”
I want new player ideas. Different types of post.

I wanna see what players can do.

Good Luck.


Yeah every player who makes the effort to write out stuff ill link in the op direct to their post. hopefully ppl who left will come back n write again.

I was just a lurker until 2.0

Done it so many times in the past, I think GBX will just keep the ear muffs on.


Really? I mean woulda loved to read your ideas n talk about em. I enjoy that. Im not even posting my own here. Im just boosting everyone elses for a bit. I wanna brainstorm with ppl. Not make it about me.

I’m gonna passively keep the brainstormin alive. I like working with other ppl. Tbh its theraputic for me. Works cut short some ppl aint there ppl everything corona. So brainstorming with ppl is an escaoe for me. I got some free time I love this game.

I don’t wanna complain about loot issues anymore im satisfied theyre gonna fix em with a real patch.
They admitted they can’t fix some things yet and im satisfied.

I was reading forbes ya know a place Ceos care about… on their bl3 4th talent tree no new vault hunter bit article.

Id say forbes is a good indicator. When forbes wrote mayhem 2.0 bugged a disaster etc. Thats press that reaches ears. I believe our mods bring stuff to their attention.

I believe they read us… They may even be among us.

when u saw the claw and clone , u thought oh boy we can make a really cool melee , nope nothing no skill for melee , u thought the clone are gonna fight with u side by side, nope just standing still shooting its gun

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if anyone wants to brainstorm with me about how the barrier shield works maybe not being invincible i feel thats a good place to start. I mean we’re an invicible super fast death machine. Seen it mentioned by others across many boards but its never gotten a bite and felt it should be a type of DR > Transfers damage to zane which then calculates zanes personal dr.

Lets say zane somehow has 50 dr. Now the shield planted has 50 dr. The damage incoming would be…

  1. Shield reduces it by 50 it reaches zane as 50. Zanes personal dr with artifacts class mod talents is 50… It wont be that high… But just for simplicity. It becomes then 25 damage taken. Im sure others have had similar ideas.

His shield could double.max shield capaciity takented and offer that dr. It will also check for a 0capacity shield where it gives zane a. 50%increase in hp for its duratiin instead. Effectively a buffer once dropped. Im sure someones got it down pact.

Ideas to spin. Melle for zane. He has 0 talents regarding meele. Etc

Yeah! He has this awesome claw and blades everywhere in. His room and 0 meele abilities. I always wondered why? I feel like hes unfinished. Instead of complaining i figure lets give em something put some ideas out there.

just bad design

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Love the idea of longbow Clone. That would make for a really cool COM.

On the COM I’d put Longbow clone + the Clone Taunts while active.

Could function like a cross between Axton’s Longbow Turret and Fl4k’s Red Fang COM.


Ahh u saw it a as com i was thinking it as a action skill augment replacement.
I think the ideas super fun so im hoping we wouldnt have to be restricted too much. Maybe shove it as part of that clone increase everything talent before double b?

Wonder how a com with it would work out would it have anything else added on?

I’m actually not sure if it would make for a good class mod by itself, since I don’t think longbow clones would be all that much stronger than the regular clones, since you can’t switch with them. You’re trading a pretty powerful mobility tool for the ability to puppeteer the clone at range, on top of giving up the ability to use other class mods.

Maybe if it removed the cooldown on being able to move the clone and let you really spam that that thing with the taunts and frost novas and what not.

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I want to keep it simple for the most part, so I keep it brief. All descriptions are for normal skills, when maxed out at 5/5 and are before other skill increases like the bonuses from Death follows close.

Hitman tree
Problem: It just needs more skills for more player choice, nothing fancy, just good enough to be worth its points and placement.

The skills:

You like it rough, eh? (tier 4 skill):
Kill Skill: After killing an enemy, Zane gets increased weapon, melee and action skill damage for a few seconds.
Weapon damage +25%, Melee damage + 40%, Action Skill damage +40%, duration: 8 seconds.

Singing Drunkard (tier 5 skill):
Increases effects from melee attachments and roid bonuses of Zane’s weapons and shields. After killing an enemy, Zane gets massively increased melee damage for a few seconds. This bonus is doubled as long as Zane is not holding a weapon with melee attachment.
Melee equipment bonus: +100% (basically doubled effects), Melee damage after a kill: +200% for 8 seconds.

Doubled Agent tree
has no real problem honestly once the Clone does actual damage. But I would add +33% increased grenade damage to Pocket full of Grenades and I would change Trick of the Light in a way so that it’s just always active as long as the clone is active.

Under Cover tree
Problem: Has almost no real impactful damage bonuses, which is why I would add some of that while also respecting the theme of the tree: Crits and Cryo.

Skill changes:
Stiff upper Lip: Add “as long as your health is full, you deal increased weapon damage” to it. +20% would be a good bonus.
Really expensive Jacket: Add a small bonus to Cryo damage to the skill. +20% should be fine.
Best served cold: Triple the nova damage, give Zane increased Cryo damage period and have him deal higher damage (multiplicative) against frozen enemies. +25% cryo damage, +30% damage against frozen enemies.
Nerves of Steel: Add a 10% bonus to critical hit damage per stack to it.
Redistribution (the augment): Increase the bonus to 30% and increase the duration to 8 seconds.

And obviously make all the augments work when the Barrier is held.

Edit: Gave him a bit more melee focus to have him actually use his claws.

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Some of these i wanna use also. Your best served cold version mostly. Im gonna add ur post link to the op. Its well thought out

Singing drunkard is a good idea. Especially for the hitman tree. So that was creative and fits zane!
I really like that idea i was thinking of what could we do and how could we get icebreaker built in. Thats really well thought out.

I like this alot along with singing drunkard.

Have you ever thought about a action skill sntnl hold? Like it does 1000% meele damage to frozen targeta or something? Maybe it detonates also by holding down the skill ona target
Reliable way to let zane ase if hes not sntnl cryo etc.

Edit: thought about it. Cooldown comes back up if it kills target so person coul get their ase and sntnl cryo back up n running. Would.make sure ppll def go for a kill with it

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