Player initialization error

What is it? Can not enter the game.

I cannot join matchmaking. Probably servers are down.

Been trying to sign in for 5 minutes; this is going to attract a lot of the trial players.

End of the game. The servers were closed.
Goodbye to BB)

WTF??? They’ll be back online i guess

Servers temporarily get taken down in online video games.

Please wait a bit, thanks!

No need to spread a conclusion as fact. Please be patient, as @jaden374 said, server maintenance is a regular occuring event in online-games.

I can’t join either, I’ve been having this issue for a while. It occurs every now and then. My internet is perfectly fine and I even deleted and reinstalled the game. I had no luck and the problem still occurs.

They’ve never done this before without some announcement and should at least acknowledge that they’re having a problem.

Actually that’s incorrect. They have done hotfix’s unannounced even in the recent past on Mondays. I think two Monday’s ago they had the unannounced sudden gigantic “hotfix”

Yes, the last time they took the servers down, it was unannounced. It should not have been unannounced. All I’m saying is it would have only taken a minute to send out “Dallas, we have a problem.”

Strange that did not warn. Bad attitude towards the players.
397 players online. How do they play?

We’re looking into this latest server issue, guys. Not to worry! :slight_smile:


Is it being looked at by “top men”? :smirk:

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