Player Initialization Failed 2/10/17

Failed to authenticate player with the Battleborn server

This is currently happening to several people I know including myself so I know it’s not my PC or game files.
Just to be on the safe side I’ve cleared my download cache, restarted Steam and my computer several times and verified the integrity of my game files a few times as well. I have been trying to get into the game for 45 minutes now. I was playing a few hours before with no problems so this must have happened sometime around 10pm EST.

Breaking character…

12:55 AM EST - Same issue. PC.
Finished up a few rounds at 11:35, 11:40 PM. Exited the game. Tried to log back on after reading this post. Player Authentication Failed.

It could be an issue with Steam, routine maintenance or a host of other problems. I’d recommend trying tomorrow at some point and see if the problem persists. It might just be a localized outage or server that went down for maintenance or something. No need to reinstall multiple times. It happens with server based games. If it persists for a while and multiple people still can’t get on, it could be a bigger issue.

I am having the same issue this morning…

Add 1 more to casualties list.
I was ill all week and now, when I can finally sit up straight and add up to playerbase I can’t even start the game. How lovely.

Same problem.

Happening here on two different computers

Working now.

Breaking Character…

Confirmed. Connected successfully at 11:10 AM EST.
Must just have gone down for the night. Probably maintenance?

Well I’ve done data servers for the world’s largest companies and if I had to guess I’d say it was a query that choked the server until someone got in there. Gearbox is kinda mystical so who knows :wink:

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