Player Initialization Failed Error On Title Screen

I just got this game and installed it, loaded it up and pressed X on the title screen. The game said it was signing me in then this message popped up:

Player Initialization Failed
Failed to complete the patching process. Please check your network connection and try again.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my connection. So what’s happening here? Quite disappointing to have this happen the first time I start up the game.


Just double checking - did you play the Battleborn Beta? If so, could you have accidentally tried to launch the Beta instead of the final game? I’m asking as I recall seeing this same message when launching the Beta after the beta servers had closed.


Hi, no unfortunately I missed out on the beta, I’m using a disc version of the game.

I know you said that your Internet connection is fine (and I’m sure it is) but have you, just to rule things out:

  • Rebooted your PS4?
  • Rebooted your router?
  • Connected your PS4 via wire to your router (as WiFi can sometimes be problematic depending on setup)

If so, try again later just in case there’s been a temporary server issue.

Rebooted your PS4? Yes, just did then, no change.
Rebooted your router? Same as above.
Connected your PS4 via wire to your router (as WiFi can sometimes be problematic depending on setup)
PS4 is connected by ethernet to the modem.

This is pathetic…just paid $70 for a shiny disc that does absolutely nothing :frowning:

Same here dude. Just purchased disk and installed to find " Failed to complete patching process, check your network connection and try again "

Are the servers down?

I’ve been pressing X for almost 5 hours on the title screen and still have not played the game.

This is ridiculous… Are other Ps4 players playing do we know?

Any luck? I too am having the same issue.

Same issue here in IL and for my friend trying to log on right now in NY. I’m going to reinstall my Open Beta, maybe it will fix something? Then I’m going to do three laps around my couch, do a double backflip, chant “cheddar cheese” four times… and see what happens.

We both are using the PS4. Booting up the game for the first time.

Hmmm…I’m wondering something, which country is everyone from? I’m in Australia so maybe this could be affecting people in a certain region?

Thanks for posting in forums everywhere. Hopefully this issue will trend and get fixed soon.

I’m in the UK so it’s global as far as i can tell. Gearbox need to pull their finger out

UK also… So seems like this is just a server fuster Cluck on there end… Tired of games turning out to be broken these days… They tested this for absolutely ages… Long closed and open betas… Typical…

I’m in south Texas, usa. Not working. Game didn’t even do an install like other games either.

No I noticed that also, rare these days not to have a huge patch… But I’m guessing once we get on we have to wait 45 mins for the game to actually install… Like Destiny.

I agree, there should be some sort of Day 1 patch, such is usually relevant to the programming of the servers.

I dare to say… But at least it’s not us, don’t think I’ve ever been this hacked off with a game before, and I haven’t even played it yet!
The gaming industry is going theough some dark days recently.

This is BS. Just bought the game off Playstation store and I cant even play. Getting the exact same problem. Does anyone have any news about whats going on or why? Terrible service

The ‘Industry’ itself would disagree. They just don’t give a fluff. Gearbox being one of the worst offenders in recent times.