Player Initialization Failed - Inventory problem

So I got an error while trying to open a loot pack in the Gear menu–got some sort of time-out error, so figured “well, maybe I’ll relog”.

Now whenever I try to log in at the title screen, I get a window with the title “Player Initialization Failed”, with the actual message box saying “Battleborn inventory operation timeout”, and it boots me back to the title.

Do I just need to wait and hope that your system sorts out the fact that a loot pack failed to open, or is there some action you can take on your end, or what? I’d like to have some idea of when I can expect to be able to actually play again =/

Box pops up upon loading the game after the initial credits says Player initialization failed Battleborn inventory operation timeout. Literally cannot play this game that I just bought

It is a known issue right now they are working on it

So I bought the game yesterday, downloaded it and was planning on playing it last night and a bit this morning.

I can get to the log in screen, when I press “x” to start, it loads for a bit then it’s pops up with “Player Initialization Failed”.

As you could imagine, I’m not very happy with this.

Glad to hear it’s on their radar and being addressed. Managed to get back in after a while had passed, hopefully won’t encounter this one again before they get a fix in.

I’m experiencing this issue still :frowning: It’s weird because I never got this problem in the open beta, but now that I bought it I get this issue? Makes me sad cuz I’ve been really looking forward to playing this after the open beta ended

I’ve ran into the player initialization issue over five times on ps4. I haven’t been able to get a session in without an hour long disconnect. It s grating my nerves that I can’t just come in, sit down and play.

This has to get fixed! Happened to me 3 times today. My internet connection is superb, and I still can’t play the game I just bought digitally smh. Need an update ASAP. Don’t hear about these problems on the overwatch servers…

I get this 3 times a minute, guaranteed

I just bought the game today and experiencing the same problem. This is bs. I feel like i spent $60 on a broken game . Havent been able to play it at all

Yeah this is a problem for me as well, i just bought the game and have been sitting at the title menu for the past 4 hours, submitted a ticket, hopefully i hear back because im so aggrivated they have such a critical error and the games been out for a week already.

Same here, they better sort this out ASAP. Feeling like I’ve been done over by Gearbox AGAIN. Never again gearbox, you lost a(nother) customer.

Exactly the same issue with my game! Only just bought it and straight away it doesn’t work… Could anyone link me to where I can send a ticket too? Thanks & hope this gets sorted asap… Played it on an Xbox one and fine no problems, but on my ps4 it’s not working at all! :frowning:

same problem in germany. ive stil buyed the game in PS Store and start to play, but all i got is the failure “player initialization failed” …

what can i do, when is it fixed ? whats going on ?

Its more of a psn issue than gearbox.

Bought this game today and can’t play because player initialization failed? Yes I checked my network connection and it’s perfect! Wtf is going on here!

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By the way it’s 6:00 pm here in the United States, get this ■■■■ fixed. It’s not the psn network because I play other games perfectly fine.

It’s not about playing the games on PSN it’s about patching new games installed today since this bug appeared. At least thats what iu have found through research, would be nice if someone official gave some indication it’s being investigated though. It should get fixed soon(ish) but Gearbox are missing a trick not infomring us of ANY situation imo.