Player initialization failed: not authenticating

It says fsiled to authenticate player with battleborn server. I have deleted and redownload. Been trying for last 2 hours nothing changes.

I’m getting same issue

Same here.

I don’t know what to to :frowning:

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I am getting the same thing for over 12 hours now.

It’s something to do with our accounts…
I just use a different account and i can get on but I can’t get on with my normal account. This must be some sort of bug that needs to be fixed.


Finally got in. I had to redownload the game. Let me in no prblem

Same thing. Im on Xbox one

I’m getting the same message. Failed to authenticate and won’t let me play.

Beta does not begin on PC and XB1 for another 14 hours.

Yeah but normally when you run the game it will tell you this and give you some info on characters. This problem is happening when the game tries to sign people in. I don’t want to have this issue tomorrow when the beta launches.

Think ps4 players had the same issue before ps4 opened up, though.

I got the same problem… “player initialization failed”. Credit card going back in wallet. No preorder for me.

Don’t base you buying a game on a bug. this game is good and I suggest buying it. Every game has bugs which is why the game goes through multiple tests to make sure it’s good for release.

It was saying could not authenticate , but it says beta servers not available