"Player Initialization Failed" On Title Screen

I recently got disconnected from my solo story match for being afk too long, now when I’m trying to play again it’s giving me a “Player Initialization Failed” error on the title screen. I am signed in and my network connection is just fine, so I’m not sure why this would be happening.

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Servers are back up again.

Ah, so that was the problem. I was starting to think that.
I was just about to post an update saying I was all good, lol. :+1:

Not for everyone. They’re coming back, but I suspect it won’t be back to normal operation for at least half an hour.

Still down for me, East coast.

Might be back down or something, it’s not working for me again. I’ll just give it a little while.

Which servers are down, I keep getting a message saying that I need a connection to the PSN, which I am clearly connected to considering I am playing rocket league.

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Geez I hope this isn’t due to that big storm system moving from my part of Texas up North
Y’never know, I guess

Yeah we got the same issue in Washington

Can’t even get half way into a match and it kicks me and says I need a valid connection to PSN, but I have a perfect connection!! Help…


I live in Midwest just got booted from a game and now getting this error as well. Obviously I have an Internet connection and I’m signed in PSN as well…

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Its been happening to me on and off since I got the game. But tonight was especially bad. Lots of comments on twitter from folks.

I wanted to update. The last four nights have gone very smoothly. I hate to even bring it up for fear that I will jinx it, but Ive only been disconnected once in the last four nights. I’ve been pretty critical in my previous posts, but I thought Id be fair and report that everything is going far better.