Player Initialization Failed without opening a pack

I go to open the game and i get " player initialization failed- battleborn inventory operation timeout." and cant even get to the main screen. Ive looked on the forum but havent found anything recent so if i did miss something im sorry.

There’s already another thread opened for this issue. It’s game wide, and the last time this happened, a new patch was being applied. So sit tight, and wait for that glorious Galilea, Miko, and ISIC nerf.

Yup it was the hotfix going live

so that just happens when the are patching the game?

Yes patches and updates cause a brief outage from what we have seen with the previous ones.

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Do they post what the patch/change?

Yeah there was a thread here and at the and they have a site for patch notes.

Let me get you links in a min

Thank you so much!

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