Player initialization has failed

I’ve been getting constantly unable to connect to the battleborn server’s player initialization has failed all the time I’ve tried to connect this evening, it was working normally this morning. I’ve checked my connection and there are no issues and all other games work fine , anyone else had this issue? Is it a known issue?

Same here! Tried to login yesterday and got the “Failed to authenticate player on Battleborn server” and I still can’t login. I’ve tried to clear cache and restarted modem. I even reinstalled the game but nothing helps.

They REALLY need to fix this, both of my friends that have yhe game have this problem and have tried hard resetting and reinstalling etc. Sometimes if they are lucky they can play one game before the problem occurs again. Gesrbox need to fix this ASAP because my friends that are on the fence are very hesitant about buying it because they don’t want to buy a game that they literally cannot play.

Just got this message. ‘Battleborn inventory operation timed out’. Can’t play now…damn.

Yep i have it too. It happened the other day too but GB only decided to do anything about it when it was reported in the pc section.

It just hit my buddie too. Odd. Great.

Player Initialization failed, Battleborn inventory timed out. Just happened to me, this was after playing 24 or so games, oh and i’m on the ps4.

Same thing just happened to me.

The team is aware and currently investigating. Thanks for your patience!


I am experiencing this problem as well. I’ve played well over 100 matches and now I’m getting the Player Initialization Failed screen. It also says Battleborn inventory operation timeout.

Got my issue sorted out after I contacted gb support Id advise you do the same

How did you fix your player initialization problem then? They gave generic suggestions to my friend that he had already tried that didn’t work. So he can still only play 1 mission or multiplayer match before it kicks him to the title screen and says that his ‘player initialization failed’

Anyone found a fix for this yet? And not a temporary one like resetting console.