Player Interface bug?

Hello everyone! This issue started on my end yesterday ( although I haven’t played in 4 days before that so im not sure of the exact time it started)

So all of my interface is bugged.
Main menu: have to double click to select anything ot use the ‘‘Use’’ button to confirm my selection after placing my mouce cursor over it.
Same thing for Vendor machine, needs to double click or it wont work.
Even worst when i try to sell stuff since the ''Hover over with cursor and select with ‘‘Use’‘button’’ dosent seem to work that much since the items arent always selected when I place my cursor over those…

thanks for letting me know if in the only one with this issue and if not, please fix this asap. The whole interface of the game isnt responding corectly.
I’ve never seen this issue before.

Yours is the first report I remember seeing of this behaviour. Can you check in the Windows Task Manager to see what else is running?