Player Maining Healers Looking for a Steady Team

Hi There,

I’m just a player from Australia who mains Miko and Ambra currently (possiblly Alani in the near future) looking to join a team/group to regularly play with for PvP mainly but PvE too (if there’s a kelvin too that’d be great for the lore challenge haha). I can shift to Orendi/Shayne and Aurox for extra DPS if needed. I play a couple of hours a day ATM and I have a mic so please hit me up if you need someone to fill a gap :smile:

My PSN: McDoogleGME

Ooohh, another Aussie healer, you’re in! Add me, Slif_One

Hey man! Will do when I’m on later tonight! Where abouts in Australia are you from? (So I know the time difference haha)

I’m also looking for a tram add me if you want Lleed

add mcfc_fan6

Already added hope to see you online