Player matchmaking inconsistent


I have a problem with the matchmaking. It is starting to really get rediculous.

I am level 24 and advancing but constantly incursion maps keep making matchmaking incompatible. Which will ruin the experience for new gamers and old alike.

Example. - recent VS match, my team level 24,8,22,3,7 opposing team 45,40,30,10,8

I feel there is something wrong here.

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There are tons of posts about matchmaking please reference those before starting yet another one

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As @Slakruz already said, there are about 15 topics were this issue is getting discussed.

Here a few from the last days:

Here a great post from @Martok summing things up


Thank you for that. I can see it is a big issue.

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Please note, command rank has nothing to do with matchmaking, and is not a frame of reference for player skill. Matchmaking is based on other metrics from what I’ve seen posted, thougj I have no idea what they are.

My team: 7, 10, 15, 18, 20
Enemy team: 25, 34, 45, 55, 60
Yeaaaaah, somethings amiss here.

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yeah sometime the matchmaking is annoying

Me rank 38, others 10, 2,1,2 vs 40,30,35,32,50

And you are like great it will be a fun match, a tied one; yeah right heheh

Maybe the solution is to not display the rank number there… that way people won’t be confused and start threads like this :slight_smile:

That doesn’t really stop the problem of poor matchmaking now, does it. After all, the “Level has NOTHING to do with skill” is in fact a major major flaw in the argument of a lot of people. There are very few people with natural skill in any sport or game. The way you develop that skill is through practice. The person with a much higher command rank is going to have had MUCH more practice at the game and will therefore be more skilled at the game more often than not.

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That’s what I was thinking. Just would be nice to have a more even based match. Means I would be more willing to play more cause it will overall be fun.

I have to admit my excitement is dwindling more so now cause it just seems a little unfair