Player Nav Points in Split Screen

Whenever I play with more 3 player or more in split screen, the little arrows that show where the other players are on the screen are never correct. They are always misaligned and make it very difficult to figure out where the other players are. This is the main reason I bought the game (for the couch co-op) and this is very frustrating. This has happened in both the pre sequel and borderlands 2.

This doesn’t happen to me on 4 player but it does for 3 player. VERY frustrating.

That dosnt sound right. Can i ask you submit a report on this? If it is a bug, best to make support aware of it!

I did. I can easily take pictures too if that would help.

Yes! Providing images for tech support is always helpful :smile:

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Sounds good. Give me a few minutes (technically at work lol)

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This was taken with my phone so please excuse the quality but it should still get the point across.

You can see on 1st player how there’s no problems. On 2nd player you can see the Psycho with no marker above his head with it being way to the right. 3rd player I turned the camera to where the player markers are…which is in a random place. I hope this helps

I don’t want to seem annoying at all, but is anyone NOT getting this problem when they play 3 player co-op? I figured more people would be playing 3 player and have this issue.