Player on Player collision issues

Does anyone else feel that the collision between characters needs to change. I’m not talking about removing it entirely, that would make it WAY too easy to escape in PVP; but everytime an allied thrall pins me against a wall and gets me killed, or i see two large characters try to simultaneously run under the ceiling traps in “The Sentinel” mission, collide, then get squashed together (as funny as that is to see), i can’t help but think that some sort of pass-through effect should be implemented. Ally-only perhaps?

Absolutely not. It would be far to easy to exploit this in undesirable ways.

Such as?

Stacking on top of each other to prevent damage to smaller characters, blocking lanes with large characters and allowing smaller ones to escape by running through them, ducking through large allies to attack or drop skills before ducking back, etc.

Huh… Those ARE some pretty good reasons. How about for minions and thralls only? I don’t see how that could adversely affect PVP, since they die quick enough. I just don’t like being pinned down when pushing on Incursion.

Yeah, that is a very bad idea.

Unit collision is necessary for MOBAs because of how integral positioning and blocking are. The problem is that the collision in this game feels…clunky maybe is the word? Like sometimes I feel like I’m hitting things that I’m not supposed to be, and this might have alot to do with how its first person and not knowing how my own character model works.

Yeah, this is more or less what i meant. I keep backing up and strafing into minions and the like, and dying as a result, with large characters. The first-person POV probably does have a lot to do with it.

There’s nothing GBX can really do about the issue unfortunately. You can’t really get a sense of your body unless its real life or virtual reality in First Person games.

Are you implying that i need to… explore… my characters’ bodies, to avoid getting stuck? Because that’s hot.

Instead of starting to remove collisions, this game should strive to improve them. Most games I’ve played have player-on-player collisions. They’ve never been such a hassle though. I seem to get stuck on absolutely everything, not just other players.