Player Population on PS4?

So Black Friday is around the corner and I noticed Battleborn is $10. Quite possibly going to buy it. I heavily enjoyed the Technical test and the open beta. My only concern as of now is if it is difficult to get into a match nowadays.

Nope, it’s perfectly fine. Takes a few minutes for me at the weirdest of hours. And they added 3 more maps, a new game mode, two new DLC missions, four more characters, legendaries and a lot of bug fixes and great character balancing as well as some skins in the marketplace. If you want, there’s a fairly large group of us who play together and chat and you could join us too
I’m not this chipper in real life fyi, that would be exhausting. Well, in my head, but I’m quite stoic faced

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Awesome, Totally getting it now. PSN is SamaSempaiSan. Currently doing education stuff so not alot of time for gaming. If anyone plays God Eater Resurrection, I would gladly Co-op since levels are so short.


Fair warning, playing by yourself can sometimes lead to long wait times but if you have a couple of friends you can find games very quickly, very consistently.

I would actually highly recommend speaking to the ps4 community and getting a few friends that way. Lotta people willing to teach and the larger your party the easier it is to get into matches

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I would be happy to help you out and introduce you to a couple friends once you get the game. We are patient (mostly) and have experience. My psn is same as shown

Yeah I just added him to our group so that should help

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I don’t play god eater but this is a really good reason to get the operation missions also. Just jump in for 20 mins, fight a boss, get some skins and then back to work! Haha

Yeah if you get the ops you will have a stronger start to fear imo

Niiiiiiice. Side note about that: I think imma try to get a private set up either tomorrow or the day after

I can’t wait to not be able to join that lol :wink: :cry: